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  1. I was just recently wacthing Brokeback Mountain on TV and that scene when Ennis imagines how Jack died comes to mind. Only in this case it's the opposite. Disgusting nonetheless. I hope that the bullies hang themselves over what they did, but I know they really don't give a $#!+ anyway. Scum.
  2. Looks like it' on like Donkey Kong! Glhf all
  3. Since most treaties wind up with wars this just seems most logical imo
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/mass-shootings-in-america/ An interesting article that has a neat feature: you can get a bio on any of the victims. Don Christensen, a retired Air Force colonel who supervised prosecutors when Kelley was brought before a court martial, told NBC News he was convicted of fracturing the skull of his infant stepson. Kelley was also convicted of assaulting his wife, Tessa, in the same incident in 2012, he added. The incident happened while Kelley was stationed at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. Apparently the U.S. Air Force did not enter his priors into the national database and he was able to purchase weapons regardless. @Buorhann: Trump says tighter laws may have prevented the citizen who shot Kelley from owning a gun. For once he got something right lol
  5. Some people just don't know the meaning of the word no.
  6. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/11/05/us/texas-church-shooting/index.html Gunman was a former member of the U.S. Air Force. Does anyone else think that the gun laws in the U.S. need a review? I think you should only be allowed to purchase weapons in your own state of residence (The article says he listed Colorado as his residence when he bought the gun) Any thoughts, input or suggestions are welcome.
  7. Original image censored due to graphic violence and personal protection issues.
  8. Imagine I said that too, but as loud as
  9. I could consolidate even more but it seems your unwillingness to consolidate is unconsolidating my consolidation. Therefore I shall consolidate my consolidation and consolidate it..... Lost my train of thought. Anyway, consolidate. Ya.
  10. 99/100 people would kick you in the jaw and walk on if you were already in a ditch after getting hit by a car. Truth is £¥€* everyone, watch your own back. If you are fortunate enough to make friends you can count on then God bless.
  11. Good stuff. Our plan is almost complete.
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