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  1. Hmmm I do have all the logs of E404 talking about how unresponsive tEST. "I don't think once before hitting MS members." now is this with your main nation https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=192874 or your multi https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=192874 Asking for a friend
  2. First forum post, I'll keep this short. MS has seen two attacks as of late: first an attack from Micro whatever the *$&^ their name is and the second a very well performed blitz from CotL and Co. On both occasions our Protectorate tEST failed to act. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt; the Hedge Money blitz was brilliantly executed by Borgs Bot and while tEST continues to drag their feet and act like a beaten puppy there wasn't much they could have done anyway. However, given it was ALEX that "accidentally" canceled our treaty with tEST allowing Micro whatever to hit us we still fully expected tEST to at least say "hey guys need help?" It is because of their lack to actually protect anything that we have canceled our treaty with them. TL:DR tEST likes the idea of being a protectorate more than actually protecting so we out. I am Elder Rachael and thank you for attending my Ted Talk. *Hordor I hope I got all my spelling and grammar right. ; )
  3. I was looking for a high fashion snobby yet attractive woman to represent CotL, the fact that i found one with a little ankle biter to represent SWAMP was a bonus. Glad at least one person appreciated it.
  4. Wait you saw MS as more of a threat than RnR!?! Im in MS and if I were RnR i would be offended by this lol.
  5. TL:DR SWAMP = Hedge's new pet dog.
  6. I am The brotherhood of Steel Fallout Themed, hope you enjoy it. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=180327
  7. Oh I assure you, we are all kinds of strange.
  8. This is what I am reading: A Micro no one has heard of surrenders to another micro no one has heard of. Maybe try merging?
  9. Im never prepared to be less than honest about anything when it comes to working with my allies. I learned how toxic that is from the short time I was in the last global.
  10. I would just like to repeat Max's sentiment; GG&FU did not abandon us. They were prepared and eager to defend us. As Max said for various reasons our ability to respond to a brilliantly well executed blitz by KT, was inhibited. Dragging our allies into this fight didnt seem to make much sense. Sometimes we have to congratulate our enemy and take the loss as a lesson. No one mocked Frazier after the Thrilla in Manilla, Joe was unprepared and Ali rocked him early. Futch through in the towel and said we will live to fight another day. For us this was a Thrilla in Manilla scenario. To GG&FU, we love you, we enjoyed you, so long and thanks for all the fish.
  11. I dont think you are correct, the truth of the matter is that as soon as I met COA and learned a member of High Gov had no idea who Elder Rachael the character is, who The Brotherhood of Steel are, nor could he name a single Fallout faction, I immediately knew we could not be aligned with them and I had to get my family away. I believe future potential signatories will both understand and agree with this motive.
  12. I feel what we did was fur the best and the results are near purfect
  13. When AK called it quits a lot of the members that still wanted to play P&W joined IF, they too have been fighting since day one for Col-B. In addition, IF started on Col-B and only recently joined Col-A, so when you say allies which do you refer to? The truth we find ourselves facing is that for many of IF's members we called Col-B allies as recently as a few weeks ago. The lines have become very blurred in this war and we feel a need to focus on our alliance, our family. Here is a picture of Jordan's awesome cat blanket.
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