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  1. Don't worry, I know how to help.
  2. Tying the treasury cap to city-count also provides an avenue for an easy project addition: a national treasury that buffs the per-city cash cap. For example: At 33 cities, a base $100k/city cap allows me $3.3m unraidable; a project that buffs the per-city treasury cap by 50% allows me $4.95m unraidable; a project that buffs the per-city treasury cap by 100% allows me $6.6m unraidable.
  3. United Senate of Emerging Leaders Engaging in Selfless Service
  4. I am become hedge, destroyer of boring lawns.
  5. The wild ride never ends, hippo. You'll be back.
  6. "All Chaos Bloc Alliances of Anti-Memesphere must include a statement recognizing that their CB was outdated and therefore invalid"
  7. Congrats? If your intent is to amend the rules, then a game suggestion is likely a better avenue than a frivolous report.
  8. Again, let's refer to precedent and the current game rules. If my description images are bothersome, you're more than welcome to block them with any run-of-the-mill ad blocker.
  9. Per previous moderation judgement, this is not against the rules.
  10. Attacks were being recorded, but the monetary damage values were unchanged for at least 2-3 turns. Looks like it has been fixed, however.
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