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  1. War Hawk

    We're All Out of Bubblegum

    >Complain about half-damage nukes in defensive wars >Receive constructive response about actual utility of nukes >"I don't give a shit." x5 I mean, I get that you're salty, but that's no reason for you to mix up "I don't understand" with "I don't give a shit." Moreover, if you're worried about the real value of your dealt infra damage (i.e., infra damage relative to the ROI on said infra), you and the rest of NB should have focused more on war and less on the months OWF shit-talking.
  2. War Hawk

    We're All Out of Bubblegum

    I'm having serious doubts that you understand what "I don't give a shit" means. Inb4 "I don't give a shit."
  3. War Hawk

    Question about IQ alliances

  4. War Hawk

    I see you

  5. War Hawk

    A minute with the ape

  6. War Hawk

    Dynamism™™ Ft. GoG and Zodiac

  7. War Hawk

    Redarmy's Campaign Wins the Rose Elections

    The only good commie is a Rose commie. Gratz. o7
  8. War Hawk

    1,000 Infrastructure?

    It should be reached as soon as possible -- i.e., city 5 or earlier.
  9. War Hawk

    Intelligence Poll

    I voted for every one that had fewer than two votes. I hope you guys like affirmative action.
  10. While I don't think poverty is a legitimate justification for reparations, we could send your starving children some rice or something. We aren't monsters.
  11. War Hawk

    Nice job, IQ and Friends.

    I'm not confused at all. Both posts relate to the same subject matter.
  12. War Hawk

    Nice job, IQ and Friends.

    You absolutely did.
  13. War Hawk

    Nice job, IQ and Friends.

    Right, because funding our allies is totally off the table.
  14. War Hawk

    Nice job, IQ and Friends.

    I'm not sure where that's coming from. Most of us "whales" are perfectly fine doing what we can to help our lower/mid tier nations.

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