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  1. No offense but with all these random attacks on the government Hungadada sounds like it is very dangerous
  2. Well there is no rule saying that we must automatically peace out alliances we beat. If TEst wants to, TFP is at their mercy. If TFP wishes to keep getting rolled, TEst will be happy to provide (look at NPO!) And in the end, I do believe TEst contributes more to the game. War is a nice dynamic in the game - and they contribute more to keeping alliances fresh than all the neutrals combined - why? Cause they're all neutrals.
  3. This is much better than that other spammy stuff written last week and I have always respected TEst as one of Orbis' best groups of warriors. I think if they put their minds to it, they would make some pretty lit pirates. Keep it down to this one article and we'll all be happy
  4. For lacking the ability to spell properly and for failing Grade 2 grammar.
  5. GREATER PENGUIN NESTINGLAND OF KRAKKE FOREIGN AFFAIRS APPLICATION NATION NAME: Finland HEAD OF GOVERNMENT: Prime Minister Eric GOVERNMENT COMPOSITION: Prime Minister, Cabinet, Parliament of Finland, Supreme Court of Finland (Judicial) , Finnish Advisory Committee (Senate - Part Time) REASON FOR FORMALIZATION OF RELATIONS (ECONOMIC, MILITARY, ETC.): The Nestingland is pretty lit and I enjoy your RP posts. Also we have many things in common, for example both our countries are cold and we both enjoy fish. DOES YOUR GOVERNMENT HARBOR THOSE DEEMED UNDESIRABLE TO THE GREATER PENGUIN NESTINGL
  6. "Wow NPO, picking on a worthless 1 man alliance. To shame." Well judging from NPO's performance in the last war, it's the only alliance they can beat.
  7. This shit has begun. God help you and good luck in destroying all of Europe!
  8. Happy Birthday Pantheon, and may we be able to celebrate your second birthday sometime next year. Cheers!
  9. ATTENTION! The round will start soon! I will be playing as Sweden and I will be playing as a low level beginner - meaning I will not use complicated tactics or anything of the like, and I will be sloppy in my movements. Feel free to invade Sweden or anything. Also, in the name of fairness, Sweden is prohibited from assisting Germany in any way or declaring war on the same person unless in the case of a defensive war.
  10. This blog is a reflection on how TEst went from a small 20 nation alliance in February to #1 today. Such a rapid rise in stats over the short time frame is worth studying. My alliance is not the main story here. Of course, I am operating under the assumption that TEst's meteoric rise is intentional and planned. Well reasoned.
  11. If no one joins within the next little bit, I might take my multi and join Sweden with that. It's a easy country to play!
  12. Finland, despite taking a irrelevant role in the global economy and political scene, has always been watching. On this occasion, we as a neutral nation separate from the European Union, are happy to trade many of our products with Thundera. We believe that this deal will help both our economy and Thundera's.
  13. Come on people! We just need Sweden! Call your friends and all that shit I will be notifying everyone via this topic and the in game newspaper and diplomacy when the game starts.
  14. The Soviets and Swedes are still open for you to pick! If you wish for a quieter game pick Sweden, while if you would like a easier game in control of a major power go with Soviet.
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