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  1. Nadir Aminu

    I'm back!

    Holy shit, it's been awhile. I'm back! After Khevin and Harzotchka a bunch of !@#$ ups, I'm brand new. I don't know what else to say, but school got the best of me and just I couldn't keep up with this, but now I'm back and I'm ready to !@#$ it up. Jk, I'll prob !@#$ up even worse.
  2. Nadir Aminu

    Name an issue in the above nation

    Doesn't have 100k food stockpiled.
  3. Nadir Aminu

    Random Polls

    You don't suck, you swallow.
  4. Nadir Aminu


    Let's also remember the millions of lives lost in wars that were justified by 9/11.
  5. Nadir Aminu

    . !

  6. Nadir Aminu

    . !

    I'm triggered!!!!!! Ur making fun of nah womns perioudddddd and other gidtiyny million genders that don't have periodudssdd
  7. Nadir Aminu

    Say something random!

    Just legendary ^
  8. Nadir Aminu

    Say something random!

  9. Nadir Aminu

    Would you live in the AN?

    !@#$ yeah!
  10. Nadir Aminu

    Flood The World

    I would flood everything.
  11. Nadir Aminu

    Say something random!

    *Regressive leftist, I hate being compared with them.
  12. Nadir Aminu

    Corrupt a Wish

    They're replaced with even worse SJWs *shudders* that'd be awful. I wish that people could learn how to compromise and get along.
  13. Nadir Aminu

    2016 Orbolympics Important Info

    Nation name: Harzotchka AMOUNT OF ATHLETES IN EACH SPORT Baseball: N/A, team sport Football: N/A, team sport Basketball: N/A, team sport Swimming: 0 Cycling: 0 Diving: 0 Beach volleyball (In integers of two): 10 Volleyball: N/A, team sport Track: 1 Fencing: 2 Judo: 7 Taekwondo: 2

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