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  1. ~Purposely burning or destroying the flag of the Kingdom of Thundera, it's currency, or any Royal seals, is hereby illegal, punishable up to no less than 20 years in federal prison. ~No flag, within a public or private facility, shall be raised higher than the Kingdom of Thundera's flag. ~Stolen Valor is punishable by no less than 15 years in a Federal prison. ~Disrespectful behavior and/or language towards Thundera's Royal Family, National Government, or Military can result in a fine up to §3,000.
  2. Thundera is happy to have formally opened relations and treaties with the United States. We're also looking forward to hosting your 5 experts in Thundera.
  3. Following multiple tests. Thundera has not successfully developed its ZADs-III Anti-Ballistic Missile. The ZADs-III will join the ZADs-I and ZADs-II in keeping Thundera safe threats. The ZADs-III will be stationed throughout Hawaii, Thundera; Panama, Thundera; and in the outskirts of Thundera's capital city Pride Rock. Thundera's Department of Defense, has also updated military standards to the following below: -Being intoxication is now illegal while in the Thunderan Military -Army soldiers will train no less than 9 hours per day (up from the previous 6). -Their shall be no less than 12 aircraft carriers in the navy (up from the previous 10). -All military starting salaries will be boosted · Army: §56,000 (up from §45,000) · Navy: §60,000 (up from §50,000) · Air Force: §56,000 (up from §50,000)
  4. In an attempt to slow down pollution in Thundera, the Legislative and executive branches of national government has come together to implement and enforce Eco-Friendly laws. Recycling Act -Requires private residents to have a recycle and trash can -Requires all businesses to have easily accessible recycling bins. -Requires all public facilities including parks, schools, and government buildings to recycle. Electric Car Act -All lands under direct Federal control (lands owned by the national government and not belonging to any state in the union) shall only sell electric cars -The Federal government will maintain no less than 3,500 recharging stations throughout the nation -All major auto dealerships (those that maintains more than three facilities in more than one city) is required to have 30% of the cars on their lot to be electric cars. Clean-Shores Act -The National Oceanautics and Sea Creature Administration, or (NOSCA), shall now have the power and responsibility to keep Thundera's shores and water up to standards. Non-Dumping Act -Companies are hereby prohibited to dump waste in any of Thundera's territorial waters and lands. -Oil pipelines shall be checked in full no less than once a year by company funded employees to ensure no leaks and are subject to random government inspections.
  5. April Claim: https://docs.google.com/a/sbcsc.k12.in.us/document/d/1mipEq5rqynZAAqFbXeUTIxm2jeCg_4lQ3oXTFUW2-i4/edit?usp=drivesdk
  6. Thundera has decided to make claim to some the of the Northern most land of N. America. The land is currently occupied by natives, but due to their complete reliance of Thunderan trade and defense, it was determined by King Orion of their Chief Alkuraan that them joining Thundera is the best course of action. These new lands will join Thundera as the Native American land reserves. King Orion is also close to solidifying claims to more of these lands. https://docs.google.com/a/sbcsc.k12.in.us/document/d/1mipEq5rqynZAAqFbXeUTIxm2jeCg_4lQ3oXTFUW2-i4/edit?usp=drivesdk
  7. King Orion will be relocated to Crown City, Crownlands which will serve as the temporary executive capital city for a few months. In the meanwhile, The Royal Palace has released a statement regarding this incident
  8. King Orion has signed a Royal Decree to Heighten security from a a level 2 to a level 4 in the wake of the disease outbreak. Thundera's 38k Bio Hazardous, Infectious, Contagion, and Chemical warfare (THICC) troops has been stationed in Thundera as well as other critically likely areas the disease can spread to within North America Thundera. In addition to this, the capital's ZADS II (Zero Area Denial System [2nd generation] and the most powerful missile defense system in Thundera's inventory) has been activated and ready to launch at potential infection hordes that might encroach upon Thundera's lands. Thundera has issued a temporary travel ban of Akaatan and all people with even a minor illness as well as increased screening for all other nationalities. Lastly, Thundera has updated its protocol by mandating a siren for evacuation always be ready and Emergency Evacuation Personnel (EEP) be ready upon Thundera reaching a lvl 3 Military Readiness.
  9. Thundera will finally offer health care services funds at the national level of government. This is in an attempt to help offset the growing prices on the states with a thriving Thunderan population. Each individual state will still administer their own Healthcare systems. This year, parliament will delegate §821bn to help I'm healthcare findings. This act shall also allow for the formation of private corporations.
  10. February Claim: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GMq-de3vyAO49wfHEu0P6FD3iB3i3rcgjPL1Co3ulWQ/edit?usp=drivesdk
  11. In continuing with my father's legacy, I King Osiris announce Thundera's further European expansion. The new land will be incorporated into the Crownlands. With these new lands, Thundera will also increase its naval presence within the english channel. The Crownland's governor has already said he'll start building connecting roads and expanding infrastructure in these lands and the Central Government will send §2.1 billion to help fund these operations. Annexed Land: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GMq-de3vyAO49wfHEu0P6FD3iB3i3rcgjPL1Co3ulWQ/edit?usp=drivesdk
  12. Minister of State: King Tiggera of Thundera has been pronounced dead at 11:13 am on January 15, 2013. His 103 reign has been marked by success after success for Thundera. He expanded and modernized Thundera's military power to become one of the most formidable powers. He has expanded both Thundera's land and influence throughout the world. But alas his time has come to an end. So as tradition and law ensues, the title of King, with all its rights, powers and responsibility, is now vested into Tiggera's eldest son. All hail Osiris, Lord of the Thundercats, Duke of the Crownlands, leader of Parliament, chief governor over the states, chief ambassador, first citizen, commander-in-chief of the Thunderan armed forces, and King of Thundera. Long Live the King, Long Live Osiris! King Osiris who currently resides in Hungadada as ambassador is expected to fly back to Thundera's capital Pride Rock later today on Royal 1.
  13. Reports from the Zordera Royal Palace has confirmed that King Tiggera has been hospitalized due to failing health caused by him constantly working at his old age. His doctors has ordered him to take a few weeks from his duties for bed rest. For the duration of his absence, Queen Leona had been elected by the Privy council to rule as Queen Regent into the King is back to health. Here's Queen Regent Leona's speech after being sworn in as Queen Regent: " It is a blessing and an honor that I am able to serve as Regent while my husband is recovering. I will do my husband proud and I do my people, the citizens of Thundera proud during my time as Regent. Thank You!" The heir to the throne Prince Osiris will continue his duties as ambassador in Hungadada and his younger twin brother Prince Orion is expected to remain in Space on the Thunderan space station Orion-1.
  14. Land Exchange: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lLcuBr-1i1RFzbbXiDHPoz0q4rOxtw8phdF3qfK09FY/edit?usp=drivesdk
  15. Thundera will allow you to enter our waters, but we will not grant any assistance and your search party will be monitored.
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