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  1. No offense but with all these random attacks on the government Hungadada sounds like it is very dangerous
  2. Well there is no rule saying that we must automatically peace out alliances we beat. If TEst wants to, TFP is at their mercy. If TFP wishes to keep getting rolled, TEst will be happy to provide (look at NPO!) And in the end, I do believe TEst contributes more to the game. War is a nice dynamic in the game - and they contribute more to keeping alliances fresh than all the neutrals combined - why? Cause they're all neutrals.
  3. This is much better than that other spammy stuff written last week and I have always respected TEst as one of Orbis' best groups of warriors. I think if they put their minds to it, they would make some pretty lit pirates. Keep it down to this one article and we'll all be happy
  4. For lacking the ability to spell properly and for failing Grade 2 grammar.
  5. GREATER PENGUIN NESTINGLAND OF KRAKKE FOREIGN AFFAIRS APPLICATION NATION NAME: Finland HEAD OF GOVERNMENT: Prime Minister Eric GOVERNMENT COMPOSITION: Prime Minister, Cabinet, Parliament of Finland, Supreme Court of Finland (Judicial) , Finnish Advisory Committee (Senate - Part Time) REASON FOR FORMALIZATION OF RELATIONS (ECONOMIC, MILITARY, ETC.): The Nestingland is pretty lit and I enjoy your RP posts. Also we have many things in common, for example both our countries are cold and we both enjoy fish. DOES YOUR GOVERNMENT HARBOR THOSE DEEMED UNDESIRABLE TO THE GREATER PENGUIN NESTINGLAND: No IF SO, EXPLAIN: N/A DOES YOUR GOVERNMENT ENGAGE IN THE PRACTICE OF OPERATING PRIZOONER OF WAR CAMPS WITHIN YOUR BORDERS: The Government of Finland has no Prisoner of War Camps, however there may be a few exhibits at the nation's zoos that might interest you. Fear not, Finland's zoos are amongst the world's best managed and have some of the strictest laws in the world. Zoos containing Polar Bears, Seals, Sharks, Killer Whales, Penguins - Helsinki Zoo, Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Royal Finnish Aquarium, Tampere Aquarium, Oulu Animal Kingdom, Lappeenranta Lakeside House, Oulu International Airport, Espoo City Zoo, Royal Finland Museum, Kuopio Zoo, Parliament Building. IF SO, LIST SITES, COMPOSITION, AND GLOBAL POSITIONING CO-ORDINATES: Helsinki Zoo - 27th Avenue West, Helsinki Vantaa Airport - City of Vantaa, 126th Street North, Royal Finnish Aquarium, Jasper Avenue, Tampere Aquarium, Ninth Line North, Oulu Animal Kingdom, 4th Sideroad Oulu, Lappeenranta Lakeside House, Strachan Place, Oulu International Airport, Airport Road West, Espoo City Zoo, 67th Avenue East, Royal Finland Museum, Avenue Road, Kuopio Zoo, Provincial Highway 192, Parliament Building, Avenue Road. DO YOU OBJECT TO THE ASCENSION OF THE TRUE MASTER-FOWL, THE PENGUIN SPECIES, TO THE DOMINANT SPECIES OF ORBIS: Not really IF SO, EXPLAIN: N/A
  6. "Wow NPO, picking on a worthless 1 man alliance. To shame." Well judging from NPO's performance in the last war, it's the only alliance they can beat.
  7. This shit has begun. God help you and good luck in destroying all of Europe!
  8. Eric

    Pantheon Party

    Happy Birthday Pantheon, and may we be able to celebrate your second birthday sometime next year. Cheers!
  9. ATTENTION! The round will start soon! I will be playing as Sweden and I will be playing as a low level beginner - meaning I will not use complicated tactics or anything of the like, and I will be sloppy in my movements. Feel free to invade Sweden or anything. Also, in the name of fairness, Sweden is prohibited from assisting Germany in any way or declaring war on the same person unless in the case of a defensive war.
  10. This blog is a reflection on how TEst went from a small 20 nation alliance in February to #1 today. Such a rapid rise in stats over the short time frame is worth studying. My alliance is not the main story here. Of course, I am operating under the assumption that TEst's meteoric rise is intentional and planned. Well reasoned.
  11. If no one joins within the next little bit, I might take my multi and join Sweden with that. It's a easy country to play!
  12. Finland, despite taking a irrelevant role in the global economy and political scene, has always been watching. On this occasion, we as a neutral nation separate from the European Union, are happy to trade many of our products with Thundera. We believe that this deal will help both our economy and Thundera's.
  13. Come on people! We just need Sweden! Call your friends and all that shit I will be notifying everyone via this topic and the in game newspaper and diplomacy when the game starts.
  14. Last spot! Anyone wanna play as Sweden?
  15. The Soviets and Swedes are still open for you to pick! If you wish for a quieter game pick Sweden, while if you would like a easier game in control of a major power go with Soviet.
  16. Assuming him to be a person, a "you". What if the poor guy sexually identifies as a 2007 Honda Civic? You never know.
  17. I know some people don't really enjoy this game. I believe the WW1 version no longer exists. I basically ran this as a more complicated version of a forum game.
  18. Please post here if you are joining so people get an idea of when this will start. Thanks. Turns are a day long, and the game will start when we are full. This is a very laidback relaxing game, which is why to level up and shit I recommend you can try out some other games!
  19. Not quite sure where this belongs - if I placed in wrong place can the mods please help me move. Sorry So do you think you're smart? Ever wanted to control a nation and send it to war with you in full control? Well now's your lucky day! Presenting Firecomet's Round in Call of War, the closest thing you'll ever get to the above! Join my Europe 1939 game and play as the USA, Sweden, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia or Turkey or Germany (although I took it). But WAIT! There's another catch! ALL OF THIS IS REALISTIC! So yes, Germany (who I am playing with) does start off with a large military, the allies are rather unprepared, etc - it's all based on real 1939 data. We get to write a new version of History! Nations are forbidden to war minor powers until the second day, and fellow players until day 4. Apart from that, that's all! If Germany wants to ally France and Britain and invade the Soviets, by all means please go ahead. A single turn is a day, though for RP purposes we will say a turn is two months. This means that this game will require about 10 minutes a day to check. Password is : PNW and the game name is Firecomet's Round. This is an exclusive Politics and War game only open to PnW players. The game will start only when we have 10 players, so you will get a message saying something about how the game has not started yet. We start as soon as we're full, so sign up! (account is easy to make, i don't think it even requires an email) The very interesting research tree. The 40th Polish Flotilla prepares to shell Maracaibo. This is in a 100-player World Map version that used to exist. The German Army breaks the Maginot Line and begins pushing into France. Will France be able to repel the militarily superior Germans? See you on the battlefield!
  20. The hill gives the Kraken indigestion. The Kraken, still alive under the hill, blows up and kills Jebediah. Eric walks onto the torn open body of the Kraken and calls it a hill, then proceeds to stuff his stomach. Sorry for the overly visual description.
  21. This blog seems to be a ass-kissing of Terminus Est and does nothing to improve the opinion of your alliance which I already have a high opinion of as warriors and tactical fighters - if anything, it lowers it. That must be all the 1-star votes.
  22. Holy shit! This is unbelievable! Every single overpowered alliance in Orbis seems to have had a change in heart! First Amino Acids, then Mosquitoes, then this APEX! If Orbis continues like this we will descend into lawless anarchy as surely the actions of these global Orbisian powers will incite resentment and much talk of action behind closed doors.
  23. Now, Meonesia will not forget the day we lost so many lives! Meonesia has learnt. Like Finland, we have built nuclear shelters. So that the next time something like this happens, we can show them that no matter how hard you try, you cannot break us! Finland congratulates Meonesia on their triumph and hopes that our small quiet Scandinavian country can continue to inspire and from behind the scenes, affect the quality of life and development in Orbis.
  24. Well, seeing as you guys lost, that's a little unfortunate. just kidding lol no hard feelings
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