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  1. Luke the 13th

    Let's Dance

    I vm for 6 months and thrax does this.
  2. Luke the 13th

    And So the Dust Settles

    I chose a great time to stop playing
  3. Luke the 13th

    Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    Seeing as they're trying to get Roq on board, it probably does.
  4. Luke the 13th

    Alex grants you three wishes.

    1. SynderKut 2. TKR on Pantheon 3. NPO
  5. Luke the 13th

    KoS's 1st annual Christmas Commie Crusade

    I'm going to have to ask you guys to think of a better acronym
  6. Luke the 13th

    The Nothining

    First. "Hey, they didn't hit your side first."
  7. Luke the 13th

    The Nothining

    I think the consensus we came up with in the membership chat is that we were nowhere near big enough.
  8. Luke the 13th

    The Nothining

    Guys, this thread is supposed to be about us killing things, not your petty squabbles.
  9. Luke the 13th

    The Nothining

    There's a word missing in that sentence
  10. Luke the 13th

    SpaceCOM: Uncle Within

    Wait until you see mine
  11. Luke the 13th


    I always saw you guys as boisterous on the forums, but every time I've personally interacted with any Mensan, they've been incredibly respectful. Cheers!
  12. Luke the 13th

    Lady Justice Visits Orbis

    At the very least, I can appreciate that gov lineup
  13. Luke the 13th

    Announcement from Farkistan

    I've never seen the commies advocate genocide or go out of their way to insert racial slurs into every sentence.
  14. Luke the 13th

    Announcement from Farkistan

    Then I'd need one of them to speak on the matter, but if I had to guess, your language started changing while you were in Lord Edit: Also not trying to say Lord is full of racists. This is just when I first encountered you
  15. Luke the 13th

    Announcement from Farkistan

    As much as I like to dislike TKR, I highly doubt they would keep any of these !@#$ around in any capacity

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