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  1. Logging once a day for two minutes is a game? Before we debate on anything, we need to define basic words here. Lets start with this one - GAME.
  2. I don't know where to place this but... Can you please add "Anarchy" to Government Types. Thanks
  3. Pfluffey, can we keep Vanguard as our farm pet? I like pets. Please, please, please??
  4. He's removed from the game for large sale cheating. Not sure why he has an account here. Other than that... he possesses no qualities, except his 4.0 whatever in college, and energy to follow and type about the game he's not playing.
  5. Viridian's player are poor as f**k. Next time you tickle us by declaring war make sure you bring some presents before you submit. Waste of time.
  6. All claimed PhDs. The funniest part is that none of it was an exaggeration. But you'd known that if you were as smart as us. And sadists and what the annoying shitposting cat with glasses said. .
  7. As long as you have money, you provoke a pirate into raiding you.
  8. Tywin is Mensan. Anyone touching him will have problems with me as well. Except sociopaths from Mensa.
  9. Sorry, only certified geniuses allowed. Not everyone can be part of "cool kids" club.
  10. These are my pros about the best alliance in the game - Mensa HQ. Why you should definitely join: If you'd like to have a leader who keeps insulting you, acting like total s*ithead and is a cartoonishly evil, a caricature of himself. If you have insecurities about your intelligence and have the need to always tell others how smart you are, call yourself a genius. If all religions of this world are not bad enough so you have to top all of them by inventing the worst one. If you don't mind losing your sleep, spending hours each day on chat. If you like totalitarianism and
  11. If it's cool with you why do you whine about it on forum?
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