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  1. Alright. I see that this is the general sentiment. I shall save this link and ensure that in the next war, I will be quoting this very topic if I happen to nuke people up to the due time. Thank you for the clarification. Now I know what you guys consider 'peace' as. I will not carry this conversation further because seriously, I'm busy. Have a nice day.
  2. I thought peace is already agreed and we're going to officialize it in a few hours? Can you explain why he's still attacking me? Do I need to launch another nuke? Of course, I'm willing to forgive this, if he will return the money he stole after peace was agreed and announced. I will consider the lost infra as water under the bridge. This happened 3 hours ago, long after the announcement was out. EDIT: I know with this he beiged me, but this is enough reason for me to declare renewed hostilities on this wretch. Do you choose to settle this the civilized way or do you consider my retribution justified?
  3. Aww man! I was waiting for a chance to nuke Techcraft2. Been holding since two days ago Well anyway. I've had fun despite however much my infra was killed. Thank you everyone for giving me the chance to launch my nukes, totally gets it out of my system. I will be offering peace now, without launching another nuke or another attack, so I hope the guys I'm at war with would accept it honourably. Thanks everyone for a fun war, but let's not have another war again so soon.
  4. Dude! I'm not taking their side. I'm just saying that private things shouldn't be publicized. I do not know how private that chat was, I was not privy to the details. But when you post private OOC stuff on the forum, you're opening a whole can of worms. Jeez people, did you guys even read what I posted? I thought you guys were supposed to be the cool ones? As for the overweight thing, my husband in real life is overweight too, you know? I don't have a problem with overweight people. Is everyone in this forum on the side of 'either or' and never 'in the middleground'? Is everyone here either you 'agree with us' or 'against us'? EDIT: Yoso, if your declaring that you hit SWF before this came up was aimed at me, I think you're misunderstanding something. I've never accused you of anything.
  5. I would be one of the first to say that the chat was out of line. I winced when the talk about jew came up. However, there was no need to attack them over something said in private. It's like you're bringing a girl home and suddenly your next door neighbour kick open your front door while you were having fun on the bed under the argument that you were fornicating, in your own home. As much as I don't approve of them shit-talking others and generally being bigots, they did it in the privacy of their own chat (judging from the screenshot alone). There is no need to bring it here, Yoso. You could've just shared it with your alliancemates and keep it a note to not deal nicely with these guys in the future. Anyway, to that jew guy mentioned in the chat screenshot, if you need to be protected and willing to abide by our rules, Cornerstone will consider giving you protection, regardless of your nationality, religion or ethnicity. All we ask is you abide by our rules, which isn't at all demanding. Talk to Restius about it. Yes, this is me pushing more work on Restius lol p/s: I'm starting to wonder how Shifty looks like now.
  6. Orcs practise incest? I thought they just kidnap human and elven women for procreation.
  7. Yo. Hasn't been around because I thought my forum account was deleted.
  8. Uzuki Shimamura? There's an idolmaster fan here?
  9. I did, because I can do it while at work. If you had noticed, I only log in to pnw game twice a day, or thrice, when I feel like it. And you only see me on irc during America's midnight. That's because that's about the only time I can play a game. But this thread is about a bug/oversight, not how long I can spend with an online game .
  10. I already tried since this afternoon, which would be something like middle of the night in Europe and east America. I couldn't go into vacation mode because of the bug. I thought it was because of some kind of firewall at work or something, which was why I put it off until I got home. When the announcement came, I tried again at home, which didn't work because of the bug/oversight. It wasn't a spur of the moment thing, you know. EDIT: Didn't I already mention this in the OP and the feature request topic?
  11. So what do you expect me who can't spare the time to fight a war until Christmas do?
  12. You do realize this is bug report forum, don't you?
  13. ... People just can't wait for another 5 minutes... Sheepy, can I please cancel that vacation mode?
  14. I received a "You did not enter the correct password." Like how many password do I have? I've checked caps and such that is normally done if you think you entered the wrong password, but it's not working. Have also tried: Logging out and back in - no difference Logging into pnw using another browser - no difference Restarting the computer - still no difference I'm confident this is a bug. How many times can I screw up entering the password of a game I play everyday? Unless, the password for vacation mode is different? EDIT: I found the cause. It's because I haven't changed my password when the system asked for it in the same announcement as the introduction of vacation mode. But hell, I already got declared by one of them because of this delay.
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