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  1. Implying Sheepy reads anything I post He's too busy counting the advertising revenue from those bloody ads. Also, I don't have to deal with any future changes. Enjoy!
  2. Yes I could play on. I would still be able to function and probably do quite well compared to most. The truth is though that I was spending way too much time on this game even when it was mildly enjoyable. I've already explained in other threads in some detail how ridiculous these latest changes are, so I don't need to go over all of that again. When the game creator decides to punish good strategy and reward inactivity and infra hoarding whilst handing all power to the rich, it's clear that the game is heading in the wrong direction and won't hold my interest. I don't want to hang around investing my time and effort just to watch the game turn into (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) or disappear entirely. Some of you will be glad to see me go, being the evil pirate that I am. Others already realise the effects that these latest changes will have and how they make the game less enjoyable, not just for pirates but the game in general and particularly make it unappealing for new players. The next major war will be an eyeopener for many people who have just blindly agreed with these changes. Believe it or not, I do have some respect for Sheepy. It's clear that he has talent and has worked very hard on the game and it's really rather impressive, particularly given his age. He does have a tendency to make some bad decisions though and this is the worst of them all so far. I've achieved everything I wanted to, so I've no regrets and I think it's a good time to leave. I started in Mensa with friends and acquaintances from eRepublik. We quickly showed that we were highly organised and effective. I decided to leave after probably 6 months or so because I felt unable to play the game for the leadership. Being a part of Mensa was being a pawn for Pfeiffer. He may aswell have had most peoples log in details. They are still a very effective alliance with plenty of good people in it and are quite rightly feared by other alliances on the battlefield. I moved to Arrgh shortly after Niemand and Perry moved from Mensa for the same reasons. Hypnotoad and Tywin Lannister followed and more recently, so did Wayne and Ryu. All good, active players. Once I got over the initial shock of the extensive no raid list, it was clear to see that it was the perfect alliance for me. Everyone was welcoming except for Buck whom I had managed to snag a bad Uranium trade from which gave me a profit of $16m - he didn't notice for 4 weeks Ogaden and Jacob in particular were very open and approachable. I was quickly promoted to commodore for the military work that I took on and then later on to Admiral. I decided that with no coding ability whatsoever and no help forthcoming from anyone who could code, that I would find a way to create tools using the API. My secret weapon to enable me to do this was this script that I found and used in my gdocs. With this, you don't need to be able to code to use the API (you're welcome non coders)! I did make a couple of amendments to make it more usable, in particular there is a line of code to remove that stops the first record being omitted from API calls. I created alliance tracking sheets, military stats sheets and even a sheet where I could look at the full military stats of every player in any given alliance. I had leaderboards, offensive targetting sheets and defence sheets. All available on demand with right up to date infomation. I think it's fair to say that I made the management of Arrgh as an alliance much easier. I also created the badass leaderboards which was generally well received, although this was really awkward having to try to run so many API calls in this way. I've not been afraid to disagree with people but neither have I been a shitposter. Currently my profile shows 457 likes from 337 posts. I'm currently the top ranked Arrgh nation. I'm 5th overall in game for soldier kills, 2nd for tanks destroyed, 2nd for aircraft destroyed, 3rd for ships sunk and 3rd for infra destroyed. I have plenty of other Arrgh members for company on those leaderboards. It hasn't always been one way traffic though - I'm also 4th/2nd/3rd for soldiers/tanks/aircraft lost albeit with those figures being significantly lower than those on the offensive leaderboards. That's largely due to not being afraid to dive in to help out my alliance or just for fun when it would have been far more profitable to sit out. My favourite time in the game was the long war that we had when Mensa, Guardian and SK hit us. They won the first round and far outnumbered us. Our fight back was unprecedented though, especially for an alliance of our size against such strong alliances. We changed strategy and took them out from the bottom up. By the time we agreed to "white peace" (they actually paid us $150m to stop hitting them) we had taken out over 40% of both Mensa and SK. Most of Guardian were out of our reach at the time. Even when Mensa sent guys down in score to hit us, we beat them off and passed them down the line to our lower score members for another round or 2. The war went on for a long time and we have remained in different wars for most of the time since then, winning them all except for the rather strange decision to take on TEst which wasn't the best idea our alliance has ever had and can't be claimed as a victory. We've had more action in the last few months than most will ever experience in this game, especially now. Most people think we have had it easy and that raiding covers our negative income. It can do if you raid the right people but that's not what you do during wars. You take out the big threats and try not to beige them, or at least that was often my role (along with others) because it was the only way for the alliance to succeed in wars. That can be rather costly to say the least. So just how could I possibly afford to keep fighting multiple nations in a long drawn out war with a -$2m negative income. Secret weapon: Baseball! This terrible idea for a money sink was invaluable during war. Yes it is a hell of a lot of clicking! When I really wanted to though, I could generate $3m a day from this to keep my cities powered and my war machine rolling. I invested before war and was ready to take full advantage during war. Niemand was the ultimate baseball player and showed us just how much profit you can make if you want to waste your life clicking buttons. Sheepy has kinda set a precedent now. Anytime anyone gets beaten badly they will complain that the rules need changing. It's obviously easier to change the rules to suit pixel huggers than it is to make them play the game well but it leads to a boring game. To those who were afraid to take on Arrgh or support their allies when we hit them, you showed great weakness. We really weren't as difficult to beat as you thought. We even told you how to beat us on numerous occasions. Instead you can now hoard infra, produce resources, make loads of money and still outfight anyone who dares attack. Sounds boring to me and it will lead to less war and more money in circulation. To Arrgh! You guys are great. Thanks for the good times and I hope you continue to strike fear into pixel huggers whilst showing Sheepy the error of his ways. You'll have to do it without me though this time and of course you'll never be able to hit the untouchables. To anyone who I beat or who beat me, no hard feelings. It was just a part of the fun. I've never been a fan of these attention seeking quit threads and now I guess that's exactly what I have produced here. Anyway, I'm out. Hope you guys enjoy the future as much as I intend to away from the game!
  3. Yeah, it must be really challenging raiding 1 nation a day who isn't even playing on the server. Clearly a good demonstration. P sure that if you genuinely did think that the changes were good for raiders you'd be complaining about them rather than trying to bullshit people into believing what you're shovelling.
  4. LOL. The extra 10 score from a project is unnecessary and just another minor issue put on top of some major, major issues. That extra score is only the same as 200 tanks or 20 planes with the new formula, so hardly game changing. I don't even really mind the change to the city scores. That probably makes sense if taken on it's own. It's the combination of changes that is truly ridiculous. The phrase using a sledgehammer to crack a nut comes to mind. Rather than minor tweeks to balance the game, Sheepy has taken several major changes and decided to implement them all at once in some kind of hit and hope approach. The combination of the project score change, the city score change, the massively raised score from tanks and planes and the halving of infrastructure score makes Politics and War a dull game for those who want to grow and grow and still be able to keep everyone else beaten down. People can already counter the builds this is intended to hurt, so there is absolutely no reason to make the changes so overpowered. I believe it will ruin what little new player retention there is and it will lead to serious problems for the game, although there will probably be another knee jerk reaction from Sheepy to try to fix it down the line but I fear by then it will be too late. Making the rich richer and more dominant at the expense of the poor isn't a good game growing strategy (everyone starts off poor). I've already explained it all with figures. If my ultra-military build can be totally beaten by infra huggers, I dread to think what can happen to the majority of players. Maybe Arrgh will find a build and a range to sit in where they can do even more widespread damage while even making a nett income but it's just not going to be an interesting enough game to play. It's not all about damage, it's meant to be fun. Even if Arrgh and other alliances can find a range to sit in, it's no good sitting there watching the ultra rich control the economy, the politics and the military whilst playing their own boring farming game. The game will be all about top tier. Control the top tier and you are untouchable, until it comes to the point where you're the only guys playing any more. It should be difficult to beat a fully militarised nation. It should require some level of coordination or strategy rather than just being able to choose any one of 20 super infra nations in your alliance to beat anyone down who dares enter your range. I'm not sure why I'm wasting my time writing in these threads though so I'll just stop there.
  5. I think they are just about worth having but it's really no big deal. More interestingly, the people who I'm fighting value their improvement slots much more than I do. When I take out their infra and they start losing commerce, etc. it has much more effect on them than it does on me. The people arguing for improvement slots to be removed think they're being anti-pirate but they'd actually be doing more harm to our opponents than they are to us.
  6. People are placing way too much value on improvement slots as if they are some sort of strategic advantage. I wouldn't care in the slightest if I lost improvement slots with infra. I need 16 improvement slots per city. 5 x Barracks 5 x Factories 5 x AFB 1 x Power Station So as long as I have 800 infra I can support what I need. That's also around the number I require to support an almost maxed military due to population caps. The extra improvement slots are unimportant to me. They have little effect and are simply left over from a previous build. It's a bonus to have them but by all means take them away when infra is lost as it seems only fair. It wouldn't stop raiders from raiding though.
  7. Yes, you are correct in assuming it's outdated. Good spot.
  8. That's fairly easy to resolve though. Why not just set it so that you get no rebuy at all on the first daychange after a location change? A location change really is a longer term decision anyway and people would just time their moves when they are unlikely to need a rebuy.
  9. Far be it for me to disagree with every decision that's made but as presumably with lots of people, GMT is a bad time for me. Obviously it's impossible to have a common reset time for everybody that will suit everyone or indeed stop people moaning about it. A suggestion that I previously made was that it was linked to in game location. Wouldn't it be cool if your reset time was based on your position on the map?! You might actually change where people put their nations and even sell a few credits in the process. Players could then choose their position on the map to suit their daily routine and it would add a whole new dynamic to war. It wouldn't be a mad rush for everyone to declare or rebuild or attack at exactly the same time. Alliances could even set up small teams who are operating in the same timezone to work together during their active times, increasing activity!
  10. Look at my figures. It needs more than a tweak from what you're proposing. The war policies, however, have a negligible effect. They don't drastically alter the outcome of a war and they don't change scores. The important issue is the score ranges. You will kill off new players with these changes and your new player retention will be next to non existant.
  11. Yeah, just what we need. More changes to help rich players out. I'm not really against this as a change on it's own but combined with all the other changes that are helping out bigger nations it just contributes further toward making the game unplayable for everyone else.
  12. Looks like a reroll is on the cards. Should be easy enough to spot this guy though under a new name.
  13. I know the feeling. I go to the trouble of breaking it down with easy to understand numbers and it just gets ignored. There's little point testing when the decision has already been made. This score change will cause serious problems for the game. I can find better things to do with my time but it's a shame to see it happen. I'll thought out doesn't even come close to describing this one.
  14. People can declare on us. I gave you figures to prove it. Ignoring them doesn't stop them being correct.
  15. So you're deliberately talking shit then.
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