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  1. Congrats on your NAP! And Good luck to your new alliance. Just a tip - The forums might be a bit harsh sometimes so don’t let it get to you.
  2. Congrats on the treaty, I actually didn't realize how much of a good looking flag TO has until now, probably will win 2021 Best Flag
  3. That’s a lot of words... Good luck tho, you’ll need it with a trash protectorate like Aurora
  4. I think this is a DoE? If so, good luck with your new alliance man!
  5. “Also I am not mad you guys asked them to join I don’t mind” - Kan reply to you asking them for help ”Oh wait no no no don’t send them pls” - you changing your mind but still having them go to war with you Seems pretty obvious you asked my guy.
  6. Definitely not BS, you led multiple alliances into war, these so-called micros that you hate so much and then abandoned them as you tried to get peace for yourself. You just fail to see how much of a hypocrite you are. You’re just riding a micro-hating bandwagon, but try to be excessive with your hate in a way that it’s pretty much bullying, like how you did in our FA server. All alliances start somewhere, just like yours did and yours was given a chance, now quit being salty.
  7. Anyway, congrats to both parties! Funny, didn’t you drag our allies into your war then leave them fighting as you peaced? Havgle try a different approach instead of trying to be this “micro hating bully” personality you got going on. If everyone was like you then OWR wouldn’t have given your failed alliance a chance. Oh yeah! Didn’t you also ask NWSRFE for help? Even funnier lmao
  8. Oasis!?!? Where’s our beloved C*ck Bloc?
  9. Sorry for you loss, may he rest in peace.
  10. It’s such a tough concept to grasp isn’t it? Did you possibly join this war just because you thought that’s how the NAP would work and Panth’s allies wouldn’t intervene? You realize you have attacked their M level ally and thus them activating their treaty does not break any NAP as they are not being the aggressor but merely defending an ally. Learn how NAP’s work before trying to use them to your advantage in this type of way.
  11. BS attacked an M level of theirs, the NAP isn't broken if they are honoring their treaty.
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