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Barbary Business

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9 minutes ago, Shwin said:

This is gonna age so well lmao. Maybe next time do some FA before making fools of yourself.

Does anyone blame us for thinking on our your gov members would be so obtuse as to do a direct trade offer for a merc hit? One just has to look at your alliance's bank bleed on a day to day basis to see that the internal cohesion seems to be lacking in TFP.

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Not even the first time TFP members have gone out of their way to harass ours, oh well.

Engager in Aristocracy.
Pure Capitalistic intent.

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Confidential contracts are wild, then to see all those truces *directly* resulting from said "hostile responses." C'mon TS, do better.

"The happiness of the people, and the peace of the empire, and the glory of the reign are linked with the fortune of the Army."

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Do others actually expect people to be dumb enough to do a direct trade when bank to bank exists? (In this specific scenario) That alone was a good indicator that this wasn’t some grand plan on TFP’s end. I guess this showcases paranoia more than anything else

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6 hours ago, Gaius Julius Caesar said:

On February 10, Eriko of Dune, Facilitator of The Fighting Pacifists, paid Hatebi a sum of 86 million dollars at 1:08pm EST, and soon after Hatebi declared war upon two members of The $yndicate.


For legal reasons this is a joke and everything I say is alleged

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For legal reasons any statement I make is always alleged

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