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  1. who's gonna make sure that everyone can't farm in peace now?
  2. @Vexzyou promised me that i would win. WTF!!!!! In all seriousness tho congrats luci on becoming the new leader of rose.
  3. Shit it was a blast fighting this war against HW. Meeting new people and getting to talk to them was sick. And plus some of y'all guys gave me a run for my money lmao. Cheers to a fun war. Also BW should have made tkr move to discord as part of the treaty. That would have been meme of the year.
  4. I remember You. You got kicked out of Your previous alliance while we were discussing said alliance moving off from green. and then You spammed me so much asking me if You were safe from E$ hitting You because you were on green. that I blocked you. and then You rerolled.
  5. does this mean i can visit y'all at 2AM in the morning while i'm wasted?
  6. good i expect you to come back to camelot one day and retake your dad's throne and dethrone epi. @Arthur Jr.
  7. epi wtf are you doing? have you lost your mind?
  8. whoops looks like I used My uno reverse card guess orange man corporation is heading to the floor now
  9. thanks for spitting bars for me, as for the merger that would depend on some factors :serious:
  10. gotta give credit to valk as well. who knew he could spit fire like that.
  11. the Firm is independent, so why can't we?
  12. Here at The Enterprise, We value the upmost importance of acting professional. However, With Me as the head of FA for The Enterprise things will change. As such, with the permission of my Boss Wana, I will do whatever is necessary to put E$ in a good spot this war. So with this power, E$ is declaring war on all of HollyWood. But not just any war no, We are talking about a meme war. All Y'all suckas better watch out. cause I'm gonna Roll Y'all with da memes. And I wouldn't be doing my job without having some false dogpiling accusations on Me. so I'm activating My secret treaty with Rose to declare a meme war on HollyWood as well. Vexz You know what I'm talking about. And any allies to E$ or Rose are happy to join in as well. But to start off this War I made a special video for HollyWood. With the help of Wana of course. TL;DR The Enterprise Declares a meme war on all of HollyWood Signed: Director of Investment - Darkblade Director of Resources- NightKnight Director of Security- Ghost Director of Finance- Tartarus
  13. The calvary has arrived. Let's kick some butt and get drunk.
  14. Slide into those dm's then 😏
  15. See guys we don't bite.
  16. I can't believe those guys in T$ teamed up with rose, that is so despicable I hate T$ with a passion now because they teamed up with rose and attacked HW. omg alex should ban all those guys in T$ because they are liars and dishonorable. #woke #T$sucks #fixtheservers #noCB #T$+rose #T$isEvil
  17. damn...... gonna miss you dream but I wish you the best of luck.
  18. if rose wants to have a meme war with me then i'm down
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