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(DOW) how the Empire falls

Jimmy bailey

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As the leader of Paradise, I, a former government member of the Maurya Empire, officially declare our state of hostile engagement with the Maurya Empire due to the following reasons:

1. The incompetent government of the Maurya Empire, which has failed to uphold the values of the alliance

2. The raci*t remarks made by the leader of the Maurya Empire, which only serve to further divide and alienate the members under their rule.

3. The Maurya Empire's blatant pay off of OCN to spread false information,

4.  The outrageous and unacceptable act of  Singularity's leader a Ally to Maurya empire.

5. The leader of the Maurya Empire has forced an alliance to disband.

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I am conflicted on which approach to take regarding this post, but just know that practically none of them are really supportive. Have a nice day/night/whatever-the-heck-wherever-you-are and enjoy probably getting rolled into oblivion ig.

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Federation of Knox

Enlightened of Chaos, Event Horizon

QA Team and API Team

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25 minutes ago, Jimmy bailey said:

Say that to My Face 

I’ll give you my irl address, then you can start saying your racist ass shit to my face.

stop acting like you are somebody.

!@#$inh acting like a child dude.

stop saying the n word online, say it to someone’s face irl. You’ll learn a much needed lesson boi 

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Just wanted to pop in and say that the screenshot of you dropping racial slurs is sloppy at best and I'd hope you're better than that, to talk that way. Have some manners and keep your racism in your head- with what other dust is blowing around in there.

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On 11/13/2023 at 3:12 PM, George Clooney said:

"Hostile Engagement" so you're getting married but you're both really sh*tty to each other about it?

There's this new word, 'war' that would be a better choice.

Once upon a time that was called a "love-hate relationship." I suppose on pnw nowadays it really means "I'm an edgelord ha ha look at me." 

2014 was a long, long time ago.

"The happiness of the people, and the peace of the empire, and the glory of the reign are linked with the fortune of the Army."

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  • Wiki Mod

OP has been banned which I believe ends the need for this thread, locked.

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23:38 Skable that's why we don't want Rose involved, so we can take the m all for ourselves

23:39 [] but Mensa is the cute girl at the school dance and she's only dancing with us right now to get our friend jealous

23:39 [] If Rose comes in and gives Mensa what she wants, she'll just toss us aside and forget we ever existed

23:39 zombie_lanae yeah I do hope we can keep having them all to ourselves

23:40 zombie_lanae I know it's selfish but I want all their love



6:55 PM <+Isolatar> Praise Dio

Pubstomper|BNC [20:01:55] Rose wouldn't plan a hit on Mensa because it would be &#33;@#&#036;ing stupid

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