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  1. I bet you still think the meme "Clarke didn't do anything wrong" was actually meant unironically too. Guardians of the Galaxy...just so you know if Acadia hadn't worked out, I'd have probably been knocking on your door. Always loved the theme, loved the movies in real life, always enjoyed my conversations with your members. You were too good for this place. I hope to bump into at least some of you in other venues.
  2. Would that be like how you transparently stole billions in game currency from people who you called 'friend' online? You know the ones from which you still insist on displaying the medals they gave you? You I won't miss either.
  3. I started playing this game because I got talked into it by friends from my CN days. Joined UPN, thought it might be fun to carry a spear. After a short time there the itch to lead overcame me and those same friends asked me to help out at NAC. I should have bought ointment instead... j/k Leading NAC was a struggle at first, my partner in crime Dorsaiwolf was a tremendous help, eventually I had the reigns and we figured out that we didn't know the first thing about fighting in a major alliance war. And there was that alliance flag, yeah I know. But we learned, got stronger, and the long running fight with Arrgh began. That fight eventually ended in a victory of sorts, but not without considerable effort and those of you who went through that effort and stuck around, you will always have my gratitude and my friendship. That brings us up to the merger with DEIC. It was arguably the best merger in P&W history, made that way because our strengths complimented each other so well. It also helped that TheNG and I were like brothers from different mothers--more times than I can count we would finish each other's thoughts about some FA idea or alliance policy. He was the extrovert that went out and spent countless hours interfacing with other alliances, the Meme King-in-Chief, while me with my contrasting style mostly worked in the back areas and provided leadership wherever it was needed. Acadia was a success from start to finish under the leadership of TheNG and myself. I have no regrets. It was a hell of a ride. As much as I enjoyed helping to lead Acadia, I no longer enjoy the game. It's not just the events of the past couple of days, or even the past month that were *the* reason for my lost of interest, though they were certainly major factors. There are major and minor bugs in the software, some are being exploited even now. I don't see them being fixed any time soon. That requires full time staff that the admin of this game can't afford (and the players contributions could never properly fund based on the number of particpants) who can look at the game objectively and make the necessary corrections. As for the future, Acadia is more than just a P&W alliance. So Acadia will endure. As for New Kentucky, it will be dusted off and prepared for storage. A trophy of my time here. Perhaps some day in the far, far distance future if P&W is still around, all the bugs and exploits are fixed, and management improves, I shall take the trophy off the shelf and play with it. Never say never. For now though... Time to move on. George Clooney out.
  4. I am confident that Alex appreciates that you having his back like this. I mean being a totally neutral party and all. I shall not miss you.
  5. You aren't the copyright police, Alex. No, we fundamentally disagree here and I don't see that ever changing. I can also see now that I'm wasting my time.
  6. I'm sorry, but giving people access to a comic online that has no commercial value is not a rules violation. If it is a rules violation, then sharing my vacation photos of my trip to Idaho last year or my Star Wars fanfic with members of my alliance exclusively would be a rules violation. Playing as someone who essentially just farms money and resources for others is not a rules violation--not even if it is being done systematically. Otherwise, you should be deleting a whole lot more people. As I said, you are angry about your perception that the spirit of the rules were being violated. That's no reason to harshly punish anyone. If it really bugged you, change the rules instead.
  7. I think, Alex what you are really punishing people here for is violating what you perceive is the spirit of the rules, and not actual rules violations. Enjoy reaping the whirlwind, if in fact it comes. I suspect it will.
  8. It's pretty clear cut you don't know anything about the matter and should be quiet.
  9. I don't think you need to be bringing up TheNG, or any Acadia member for that matter, in any context whatsoever, Benedict.
  10. I see, so you are the final authority on what constitutes limited resources and military tactics. Cool. Go outside. Stop bothering people.
  11. If you'd like to have your friends lift their blockades on me and send me some ammo and gasoline, I'll be sure to try harder. In the meantime, you seem to have developed an odd fascination with the behavior of others and placing thoughts in their head that aren't there. Go outside and get some fresh air. FYI: I had no clue there was even a report until someone directed me here, long after the attack. Have better things to do then spend countless hours on these forums, sorry.
  12. Honor demands that you finish your wars and work out things diplomatically that might arise otherwise. Actually peace negotiations were gaining steam. There have been stops and starts, people who arguing over what the definition of 'is' is, but I personally was optimistic until this matter came up. It will not. There has been agreement already that it will not. I would however agree this is ridiculous and if you're thinking that the blame for the war being as long as it has been falls solely on Coalition B, you're wrong.
  13. So Sphinx, a while back when you said that you were tired of war, and that your alliance was tired of war, and that you wanted peace, that was a lie. Actually, I already figured out it was lie for other reasons that shall remain unsaid for now. Your lecturing people about attacking uninvolved neutrals is shall we say, ironic. We both know why. I'd wish you well, but I cannot. A war that has been dragged out for far too long will now continue indefinitely. While that isn't exclusively on you, your share of the blame has now increased exponentially.
  14. "I don't see anyone in this category that deserves a vote." "In Soviet Russia P&W you must vote, comrade!" More lame than usual.
  15. Is that what you call sharing around to the general public raw chat logs of conversation that have OOC personally identifiable information in them, "entertainment"? What next, you going to contact someone abusive ex-husband to try to get dirt on one of us? Our "goal", you twit, was never to force disband or force delete anyone out of this damn game. Period. In a moment of utter frustration after months of war, playing whack-a-mole over and over again with members of your coalition while you went from claiming to be winning to claiming to be winning statistically, going months without any contact, to offering surrender but only under certain conditions, then breaking off all negotiations, I said the obvious--I speculated that the only way the members of my coalition were ever going to get peace was to end you as alliances, since it was apparent that you utterly refuse to talk peace. We set the terms for negotiations, you don't. That's what happens when you lose a war and no third party offers mediation. The really stupid part was that you don't have to be an e-lawyer to know that no peace treaty is done until it is signed. If by the time you saw all the provisions and the agreed to terms, and you didn't like what you saw, you could have walked away. What's the worst that happens, we keep fighting? We're doing that now. You might have gotten peace had you negotiated. Now, I could give a shit whether there is a peace of not.
  16. He's not your friend. Also, how is that "negotiating" an end to the war through the forums thing going for you? Everything you thought it would be? Closer to peace yet? When you actually want peace, you know what to do.
  17. If the people who think I'm "toxic" (whatever the hell that means), actually cared if their alliance mates were deleting, they'd do what was necessary to end the war on survivable terms, not extend it to the bitter end. My conscious is clean.
  18. I'm trying to figure out how this topic moves you closer to peace. I'm also trying to figure out how this moves the peace process beyond the constant whining about procedure that has taken place so far. Of course if you were actually engaged in something called 'negotiations' regarding the terms as they come up, that'd be great, but that's not happening at the moment either. Evidently, you like the current state of things, and don't want peace. So be it. I'm comfortable watching your members delete in frustration (R.I.P. G Nation) and your alliances slowly die. Are you?
  19. Lack of \m/ in this thread is disturbing. Someone go wake up NinjaR.
  20. Look on the bright side, one day when people talk about "The Great War", you can tell your alliance mates you were here for it, and regale them with tales about the days when the game didn't entirely suck. "It's true. All of it. The Black Knights. Guardians of the Galaxy. They're real."
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