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The formation of the bean bloc


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Just now, Fulcrum said:

I can't be the only one here who has not clue what's going on.

I'm part of it and I don't know, but feck it, its Sean 

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So, is there any reason at all, that there's like fifteen alliances declaring on Sean's alliance? I mean, I mean no disrespect to my friend Sean, but I think any one of those alliances can take his alliance, let alone all fifteen of you guys. Dear lord.

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You shouldn't fear anything, until you've lost yourself. 

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Welcome Back Trollman.


A second, a poem for sean.

Threw the obvious to you Sean

You flew with it on your back my name

In your recollection down among a million same

Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over about you not takin my advice 

when I've looked right through to see you, gripping a vice

You’re naked but oblivious of whom to trust

and you don't see me, except when I thrust.

a sad day, but it may be the play of yesterday.

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1 hour ago, MinesomeMC said:

i think its over now



now will he make another alliance?

ye probably

You have to admire his motivation. I made one alliance and then said frick this shit

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“I'm cheap and enjoy butchering” - Manthrax

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6 minutes ago, Laffopuritain said:

It seems like this is the only way people are willing to go to war anymore- with ridiculously overwhelming odds.


At least the SOUP is still hot

The Soup is hot

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