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  1. The game sucked with you here, and it is fun now. I'm hesitant to start forgiving everybody who can put words together on a screen in a pretty manner.
  2. Does sheepy seriously give cheaters details about how they got caught, so they can get better at cheating next time? Sheepy...
  3. Created by TKRs preeminent Dakimakura club shortly after bubblegum ad outing us to orbis.
  4. Only four more months until the next global war to stop the TKR hegemony.
  5. Oh, are we going to get an alliance affairs post every time an alliance boots a member now?
  6. Obviously the food prices are fair right where they are. If they weren't fair, nobody would buy it and the price would drop
  7. is "better than manhwa" the new "better love story than twilight"?
  8. Isn't the entire point of the 72 hour notice that you're supposed to give it BEFORE you back out of your responsibilities? This is like telling your boss "I quit. This is my last day. Oh, and heres my two weeks notice."
  9. I have so much respect for this. Bravo
  10. I think we should keep fighting over Christmas. I say this as I recall that George Washington attacked the Hessians while they were drunk on Christmas.
  11. They certainly wouldn't be willingly part of a monarchy either
  12. So... You'll be playing until you run out of money, but you somehow expect to make money? I dont think you get how this works.
  13. I think we may be understanding the terms differently then. The way we understand "unconditional surrender" is that we're agreeing to the other terms before we even know what they are. However, it seems like you're using the term to just mean we admit defeat, and then we can negotiate the rest of the terms. Am i misunderstanding?
  14. Yes, ive had it for a long time
  15. And they're treated like crap for it, too.
  16. It seems like this is the only way people are willing to go to war anymore- with ridiculously overwhelming odds. At least the SOUP is still hot
  17. Nuclear Arsenal Cuickly Lowered... Or NaCl for short
  18. Mitsuru helped me a lot as a new member. He was Kaladins mentor. I think you're grasping at straws here.
  19. I must say, the BK ads about me being family were pretty enticing. But then mom started yelling at me just because I wanted to sleep at dads house. Ohanna means family. And family means no one gets left behind, BK.
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