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  1. By The Way...

    Sad to see yah go Abbas, good luck with yah future. As for Rose, nice to see some more strong greek-roman alliances
  2. Imperium of Man DoW

    yeah i wasn't really criticizing, just noted it. Not every war has to be defensive
  3. Imperium of Man DoW

    Iom is joining in the 'Offense' oki
  4. Ape and NK

    well another semi-active community member fades to black
  5. Rip Alpha

    First time i got nuked it was raiding Alpha...May you rest in irradiated oblivion
  6. And So the Dust Settles

    I agree with the Snek
  7. Congrats to those in this chat for warranting a public warning half way through page two :thumbsup:
  8. Describe the above's profile picture

    Modern day Miner wrong page. An American super model
  9. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Congrats Stratagem, looking forward to another strong leftist alliance
  10. My Proposal: Heirs can only remove leader after 1 week of inactivity I've created a fair few alliances by now and this was my only real pet peeve with their mechanics, a lot of newer players find this as well and Alex seems to remind them of the issue: Alliance Perms Officers aren't really an issue in my opinion seen as how they're primarily accepting-declining members, utilizing the control panel and checking out our bank ;D. But heirs, they are and always have been an issue for most major alliances to the point where the top 10 basically run 10,2,1 [officers,heirs,leaders] ...which is definitely an eyesore. Since heirs are mainly there for 1. the Political and financial aspect of a coup 2. Inactive leadership My solution be stopping the heirs from couping the leader till they're inactive for at least a few days and possibly removing the ability to restrict heir bank access. Helps to balance the change as pirates who love to coup new alliances will still benefit financially [+we can still have pantheon events], without leadership needing to be reset manually. An extended solution might be to divide up the permissions a bit Officers: Accept/Remove Members, Mass messages, Bank and control panel visible Heirs: Change Page, Accept Treaties, Access bank, Promote Officers, Demote leader [after 1 week inactive] Leader: Full authority like now Or be able to customize each role's permissions Anywho, first time I've actually submitted a suggestion but should be fun to discuss.
  11. Shifty News Network Moment of Silence

    Tyrone is a proud independent House, it don't need no disbandment
  12. Orbital Knights DoE

    OK, that is a great acronym, never change
  13. Orbital Knights DoE

    Best Wishes - Love Low Tier
  14. Politics and Downfall

    540P exists? This is AMAZING.