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  1. Hey, it was clarified by you in DMs that our VC wasn't what sparked your investigation. It was to do with some girl in the Coal Mines VC. Our group chat was purely political in nature, we were discussing the law and though i didn't know it at the time, i've been informed by Shifty that Nokia brought the topic up and was likely prompted to by your investigation. Please don't associate me and others with this issue. We aren't involved. My attempt to defend Nokia was misguided and i fear the worst if there is no recording of that VC. Because accusations like these can be overblown and slander someone IRL. If there was any misconduct in that VC, there are several American citizens who were present who can testify in this thread or to the police what happened. I wasn't there for everything, so i'm going by what i know.
  2. @George (James T Kirk) Your mom is redacted. And on a totally unrelated note. They can rack up around 100 upvotes per post. *Scribbles that down* Multiply by 10, carry the 2, - an apple. Hm perfect formula.
  3. If Goons only produces Monokuma, it justifies their existence.
  4. Politics is bad for the game. We all need to make our discords private and avoid interaction to ensure we don't become toxic. Tolerance never helped anyone.
  5. Don't get attached, he's just gone to get cigarettes
  6. @MinesomeMC What do you have to say for yourself? ... Silence is acceptance. I'll forward your info to child services.
  7. I remember our devils threesome very well, if it isn't you...then @Akuryo is the father...but that too makes no sense. Given he has no contraceptive organ.
  8. I'm excommunicating you. You're a bad influence on our son DIO!
  9. My evil twin. Noooooooooo, how did you escape Pakistan!
  10. Pls just reduce Spy and unit casualties to drag out the wars and give folks more opportunity to flip them.
  11. Additionally: Change the 'expanded' treaty web to Top 70. Instead of only displaying NAPs and PIATs. Pls and thank you.
  12. Sometimes people who were there during the Incident disagree with the worthiness of the report. Such as in my case, where just because I as a gae man, didn't ban someone for their use of the world towards me was considered homophobic. That's not how slurs work my friends. Already people can't voice their disagreement in the threads. If we lock all forms of expression regarding aggressive reporting it's entirely possible they'll their anger out on them in-game or via discord. Better it be here and under our watch.
  13. @DivineCoffeeBinge Stop being Ableist just because your Baseball players don't have feet doesn't make them inferior players. @Blutarch Mann Back me up here
  14. Moderation as a Weapon Using (or attempting to use) Moderation as a Weapon is against the rules and punishable by a nation strike. An example of using (or attempting to use) Moderation as a Weapon is threatening to report another player to an Administrator or Moderator unless they comply with your request or demands. If someone is in violation of the Game Rules, you are obligated as a player to notify a Game Administrator (through in-game Messaging.) -- They are well aware that material is inappropriate and Forum moderators regularly check threads for such material or other violations.
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