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  1. They were hiding in Tibet praising nukes while the fallout franchise rose and died.
  2. @Bjorn Ironside I take great issue with accusing someone of a OOC crime for political purposes when they know its false. And it wasn't a rant, it was screenshots, dates and a warning for both Coalitions not to engage in that behaviour. I do not want to create a new thread over this type of BS. It has no place in the game, not on the forums, not on discord. But I needed people to be made aware of TCW/NP's hypocrisy. That's all I'll say, since moderation had ended that discussion
  3. OWR wanted to roll a member of our high gov. With logs we believed were doctored. We did not demand they turn anything over to a third party. If that occurred it wasn't our suggestion.
  4. You know, Pantheon, Schrute and The Federation were treated like puppets, their treaties pulled like strings. But 'The Immortals' was different, you guys are muppets, with Syndi's hand so far up you @$$ you were able to ignore your new allies plotting against you. Our concern for our members is why we started the fight. Our concern for our allies is why we continue to fight. Our concern for the game is why we will win. I understand that these are foreign concepts to your fledgling alliance, but maybe you'll grasp them by next December... if any of you are playing by then. There won't be a white peace, maybe a red one. Signed over snow stained with NP's blood. A fitting end for the road they paved in bad intentions, betrayal, OOC attacks and manipulation. We will not be 'negotiating' the debt again, they can accept our term or die.
  5. Details do not concern me. We've given NP 5bil to rebuild, they rebuilt, and we want our money back. They can make believe it was a gift but there's no such thing as a free dinner. So we'll be taking it back. And Akuryo if we'd charged interest, that would've been worth more than the bank Ockey/DTC looted from your thief. Lmfao.
  6. We accepted Nokia on the basis that he was paying back all the debts to our members and other alliances. He also wasn't accepted into the main aa, only peripherals. Additionally he''s being kicked after the war and will not hold any gov. position. Tl;dr You're criticizing us for trying to do right by you, ourselves and others. I don't care about whatever drama you wanna concoct, i outlined that earlier. Astra Bloc requested a loan from us to rebuild North Point, we agreed over VC and sent the money. The idea being, that it would have no interest and a gesture of good will to restore relations. After we only tried to break the blockade of a nation who had stolen his bank (whilst he was not at war), keep in mind we actually failed and Ockey/DTC etc. kept said bank. Additionally even if we had been able to loot it which we didn't, then that would be expected since we were doing so whilst they were fighting. Hell, if we hadn't tried to break the blockade, we'd have been failing our own coalition by allowing our opponents to retake the resources. So no, we haven't done wrong by them. Our good will was deliberately abused by Akuryo. Akuryo can make up whatever political BS he wants, but we sent 5bil, they received 5bil, he rebuilt using the 5bil, we want our money back. The fact we were willing to forgive 60% is testament to how earnest we were. It would've only taken them 10 days... 10 Fing days. You can't spin this, there aren't two sides of the story. It's simple. He will pay this back or you will pay this back. Or you won't get peace and you will pay for it in dmgs as well.
  7. Ayyslamic Crusade: Rose mass spied Yakuza post-war, whilst they were a BK protectorate Escalation: The Immortals admitted they were going to attack us in this war, without a treaty to TCW, resulting in the preempt. North Point: Broke the conditions of their earlier surrender, by attacking one of the alliances they surrendered to, BoC and by extension Coalition B. again as they had a Camelot MDP. The Lost Empire: After being attacked by GOONs you surrendered and signed a NAP, then they protected you for over a month... only for you to betray them. NPO only broke 1 agreement by comparison, that being not to let BK get rolled by 3/4ths of EMC.
  8. Smh, all these wild virigins trying to violate Athena. Kinda surprised that name passed the filter.
  9. The nation he was attacking was in Europe, that's probably what confused me xD. I live in the pacific, so ik my geography pretty well.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but unlike members of Coalition A. we haven't violated our peace agreements. If a 10bil bond discourages rogues from your coalition, there's probably a cackling Keshav somewhere saying " it's working just as intended". Perhaps the damage received from rogues could be deducted from the 10bil, instead of the whole amount being forfeited if something goes wrong. Additionally we could split the bond up in proportion to alliance size / city count. And if any individual alliance went rogue or a majority of rogues came from one particular alliance. Only that % of the bond is forfeit. Not all of them.
  11. From memory, didn't Sphinx write half those terms? If we could agree on the principal of a bond, we can negotiate what would break it.
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