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  1. Epi

    Recognition of Hostilities

    EE would agrEE:
  2. Epi

    Recognition of Hostilities

    The Imperialism of Egypt must come to an end, hopefully the underdogs Emperya throw off the shackles of tyranny and tear their empire down.
  3. What do you mean edit/
  4. Now you dudes should 'Recognize hostilities' lol, then it's a defensive war 👌
  5. I believe the words you're looking for are "recognized" and "Round 2" Both of which are hilarious
  6. Epi

    Shifty News Network LLC-Children of the Sea

    What's brilliant about the Ming empire, is there's a small exiled state named Ragnarok with a bunch of ex-members.
  7. Epi

    The Freedom Wars

    I'm glad to see smaller alliances taking a stab at war, put on a show 🍺 Note: They're actually the larger of the two combined lol, should be pretty 50/50
  8. Epi

    End of an Era

    UPN and Acadia only ever sign those 3 month treaties & because gov is stronk. They don't renew them for a day lol
  9. Epi

    Bittersweet End

    In close to two years of playing, this is actually the worst thing I've heard of happening. My condolences, you were a great part of the community and i hope this guy gets caught banned and punished as harshly as we're able to. Note: Political sabotage reaches maximum kek. Whoever did this, had much easier ways to hurt Cam's FA (In Character). This was just disgusting and transcended in game politics.
  10. Epi

    Rok N Rolled

    Lol, your avid disagreement with protecting them & my own has been noted.
  11. Epi

    Down with the tyrants!

    An on open treaty against the Tsar You bourgeois swine, down with the revolution
  12. Epi

    Make Nukes/Missiles More "End Game"

    11/30 07:43 pm - Charlie Traveler removed Noctis from the alliance Bad Company. Lmao
  13. Epi

    Rok N Rolled

    This is just Sean Anthony and MinesomeMC, two of the worst serial alliance creators in the game. Starting a fight to get on the wikia. Too right on Cam for telling them to shut it, apologize and go their separate ways lol.
  14. Epi

    New member of the war

    i rolled him in the last 48 hours. He seems immune. For those that try next, Kill it with fire.
  15. Epi

    Rok N Rolled


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