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  1. Epi

    SNN-For Steve, For Glory

    Huh, Spanish Armada is actually larger than people give it credit for. 10 people, identical flags. Nice
  2. Epi

    SNN-Saxy tiem

    Yup, has to be Mensa. The Hippo wouldn't go out any other way
  3. Epi

    TUE signs KoM as Protectorate .

    Eh, this Is just AD keeping their puppets close. Feels bad man, that they've fallen so low.
  4. *Nerd Snek playing 4D chess* *Jock hippo playing 6D checkers* Thicc Bird playing 64D Monopoly
  5. Epi

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    I was commenting as the pirate who nuked 2.6bil of their infra. Check npos stats. they kinda deserve the goodwill
  6. Epi

    ITC Improvement

    Trump towers also prevents your nation from ever paying tax. XD
  7. Epi

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    I'm actually really happy for you guys, you're not all the greatest at times. But you've grown a backbone and aren't as cocky as 90% of this game. Good luck, I give it more than 6 months this time :).
  8. Epi

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Yes, you have done well. Word wall. Word wall. Word wall ! Begins cackling manically
  9. Epi

    Twin Dragons

    My whoring around got a place in the story. :Heart:
  10. Epi

    An Announcement from the New Polar Order

    It's okay NPO don't take it personally, Polaris has been changing it's FA since Ayyslamic. KT, Pantheon, then leaving IQ; new sphere, BC, IQ. I'm sure they'll find their place soon.
  11. Epi

    DOE of Kazoku

    The four horsemen of alliance apocalypse
  12. Epi


    Idk about you guys but I obliterated 2.6bil of infra with only nukes, no military, no nada. So yes, nukes work fine, don't break nukes.
  13. Epi

    WTF is going on here?

    Beer > Soup. Nuke em for the nuke gods of tits and beer.
  14. Epi

    What do you like about war?

    Favorite aspect of war has to be the absolute ineffectiveness it has on me xD. It's great to go in batting and hit a home run against a few dudes whilst zeroed, it's great to start a war and die immediately but watch your allies reap the rewards to be shared later. It's fking legendary to be baited by sore winners half the game away who think their world view or experience from a decade ago still applies to me. That's the beauty of war, to bask in the absolute failure of those who who enjoy it, when you really don't care for your nation (RE: 800 Days of 100 tax mindlessly thrown at the game to create content for myself). Especially when these are the same people who measure their experience by the hour, by their time investment, riding in with a host to burn is beautiful and being on the opposite side, just knowing your occupying their thoughts. Slowing them, locking them down. Great, just Great. Burning pixels is nice, burning the hopes of victory is sweeter 🍪 I like war. Lol, you're with the godfathers of 6D chess. Enjoy

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