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  1. Epi

    MDOAP with UNSC

    90% of early treaties end in cancellation, choose wisely because your first MDoAP is special 💗
  2. Epi

    Shifty News Network-Rant and Rave

    Let the Drums beat...imagine if this wasn't just chest thumping and Gorilla noises 😪
  3. Three upvotes, ha ha ha Four upvotes, ha ha ha F...
  4. Epi

    69 Days Later

    I saw that, but they went on about this whole liberation thing so it never hurts to check
  5. 13 year old African girl Sketchy & a story. 🍺 well done
  6. Epi

    69 Days Later

    Yah, is ET apart of KT again or what? R.I.P no nap for the micros
  7. Epi

    Shifty News Network-The leaking is love

    That explains that
  8. Epi

    69 Days Later

    Well congrats on a war ending with an actual victor for once 🍺 And looks like KT propaganda is going strong even in defeat
  9. Epi

    Shifty News Network-Going Bananas

    On the farm, there was an Ape. E.I. E.I broke
  10. Epi

    USC Nation Lore (United Hoods Minister)

    browse the wiki for once 🤦‍♂️
  11. Epi

    Shifty Media Inc.-Crossing the streams

    Great Scotts
  12. Epi

    Sorry, no Rerolls this time.

    I sorta want to criticize along with the rest of the klub, especially since new ottoman's was a shitty MA head and takes every opportunity to insult mah...but. Idk they've got a lot of different nations to come together, if they're all here at least there's no where else to run 🤷‍♂️ maybe they'll improve. Good luck
  13. Epi

    Alliance Creation Guide by Cynic

    For a min i actually thought you were criticizing Cynic's guide...then i realized this was a meme. Welp, on another note...how'd you end up with 387 dislikes?
  14. Epi

    Going To War

    I've got a copy of the stats, but it's aids. Green headers with bold italic scribbly font. They manually inputted every war fought....R.I.P. I'll tidy it up and send it to yah later sketchy, but looking at it for a second time..eh, they lost. Thalmor-Scarf Yeah you make a good point scarf 😜 tho looking at it now, you didn't need your full attention to be on them to let it fall even. Two things i will stick to though, 1: BS tank losses...the steel was worth more than their alliance [41,000 tanks lost] god knows why as a micro this was used so much. 2: They did fight for nigh on a month and beat some of the more competent fighters on the your side, so i give them props for the effort combined with the sheer volume of wars.

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