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  1. Epi

    When the time comes...

    Edictum Best
  2. Epi

    The Griffin in the Tree Accords

    Congrats 😜 Rose feels very smart
  3. Epi

    When the time comes...

    Been awhile since we've seen an ODAP, congrats o/
  4. Epi


    ADick Measuring Contest Not gonna lie, I think our Animations are bigger and thiccer than urs.
  5. Epi

    Shifty News Network LLC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    Well 1+1=awesome
  6. Epi

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Yas. So It begins.
  7. Epi

    Shifty News Network LLC-Gone in 60 Seconds

    Leo completed the IQ gauntlet, but so did hope...Who's gonna snap first.
  8. Epi

    Avalon’s Avarice

    Your eyes are now open, see the light.
  9. Epi

    Respldnet 3nd

    🤔 Remembers 1 resplendent from the wikia...There were TWO!?
  10. Epi

    Shifty News Network LLC-Symphony of Destruction

    tfw you can't find gov logs, so you just share internal announcements 👽
  11. Epi

    To Infinity (And Beyond?)

    5 days and 6 nights 😜
  12. Epi

    Are you Sirius, Zeus?

    that 14 day enactment clause lol 😂
  13. Epi

    Shifty News Network LLC- The Grim Leaker

    inb4 piracy...rip
  14. Epi

    Shifty News Network LLC- The Grim Leaker

    Omg, war over colors? This is madness
  15. Epi

    Camelot's Quest

    07/13/2018 (81 Days Old) Members: 50 Rank: 36 Average Cities: 9 --- Camelot has come a far way and as the youngest alliance in the top 50 we've already passed our first goal of reaching the top 40. A goal we set for ourselves when combating the Silk Road Bloc & getting our first few members. We are not an alliance that waits for greatness, we actively seek it out. To Join, Seek US Out

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