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  1. I mean no offense when I say that I'm gonna give up reading these posts for the next week. I usually enjoy forum banter and I credit Keshav and Roq. For some high quantity posting... But it's too repetitive at this point. I'm losing faith in pnw and NPO folks are nicer on vc than anywhere else... Sometimes I think ketog is quicker to criticise but helps you find common ground. Whereas you argue in absolutes.
  2. Epi

    Really NPO

    Idk if you're talking about when we joined, but if so that's when a member of arrgh got a hold of it. They invited 2 people from Mythic, 1 from KT and 2 from Camelot. Whilst I was there we were entirely polite, but I warned you KT and the other cam member may troll. I tried to message you later and we were all blocked and banned. My member said the KT guy spammed a bit and left. Sry, don't have much time on phone rn, travelling. But if that's the raid your talking about, we'll, it wasn't a raid lol. Looking forward to the embassy
  3. I don't like other !@#$es working my corner.
  4. It's a cool flag. Roq at the head of his storm trooper army, "The Jedi will destroy themselves"
  5. This was real? Sweeeeeeeet. Why not Duke it out on the forums? It's a great betrayal sure but that's minor in front of the obvious politics
  6. Epi

    Really NPO

    Too soon to tell, they are only showing up rn. We'll know they're alive after 2 weeks by whether or not they start building up.
  7. Epi

    Really NPO

    We'll know what's up after they've been in the game for 14 days. But Elijah it's not exactly a one off, they translate multiple series over time. It's like if Netflix made you sign up to pnw. [This is a broad analogy]
  8. Good job, Minesome 😎 That's a decent amount of reps.
  9. Epi

    Really NPO

    I'm sure it was Keshav or Frawley who mentioned trying to recruit from something awful. Hm, it was someone over vc of that much I'm certain. Clicksey should be an interesting, leader tho. From the sounds of things Camelot may have a runner up for 2019s most immoral alliance.
  10. Epi

    Really NPO

    Busy busy. Welcome Goons, looks like NPO has lit the fires under something awful. Or at least built the fire place.
  11. Epi

    Really NPO

    I'd just like to state that a member of NPO and an advisor of this new alliance, recently threatened me on discord. If you disagree with me, post in this thread or send me a DM if it's personal or about IG actions, that's common courtesy. Additionally don't try to warp facts to suit your narrative as he failed to do. Disclaimer: As I stated prior I'm not hostile to the NPO. So this was logically the actions of a lone and unsported individual.
  12. Epi

    Really NPO

    Peace - If this war does end with a non-aggression pact (i'm not sure it will, but it's a possibility), where will this new alliance be in 6-8 months time [Tiering]. I'm not the finest economist in PnW so i'll leave that for someone else to calculate, but i think it'd be interesting to know. Frawley has probably already run the calculations in his spare time. Expansion - their main motivator for joining PnW was the public IP/email tracing, e.g. the 'Unique IDs'. To prevent Discord Alts stealing work from their original server, this also explains why they're a bit more paranoid than most. It's just an experiment for them, but given the tremendous turn out (well exceeding their expectations in scale and ambition), it's possible that this will remain the case. That's why i doubt they'll die out en mass.
  13. Epi

    Really NPO

    A 290 member alliance was created today and we can expect that to reach 500 if not more by the end of the week. Regardless of the Scarfalot-toxicity discussion, it might be a good idea to think about how this mass migration will effect the game. What their plans are and what we expect from alliances. I'm not the arbitrator of what makes an alliance or determines who can participate in politics, but they are currently (this will likely change soon) avoiding cross pollination with the PnW community and farming resources. We have no means of stopping this, nor would we want to unless this is their long term plan, which we have no guarantee it is. So yeah, let them get settled, figure out who their friends are. It's obvious that they have strong ties to NPO since they're both larger communities not solely reliant on PnW and their leader was a member of NPO for the duration of their PnW experience, but NPO hasn't encouraged their isolationism...at minimum they haven't demanded it. Keep in mind this new alliance is driving their most active people sign up, <> it's likely they just want to avoid early poaching or large scale discouragement due to global (not naming fingers or pointing names, i'd be giving TKR shit if they spawned 400 nations into the game on a Monday). ah, looks like i sorta addressed the toxicity discussion anyway, but eh, i wasn't hoping to. Anyhow, if these guys are moving beyond a farm in the coming weeks, 300 new players (a lot will drop off), is still absurd and we can expect them to grow rapidly due to Sheepy's early game buffs. They're also going to be running 100/100 similar to NPO, at least from what I've heard. So are we going to be seeing Plane Strat 3.0 Revenge of the RoqBots? Furthermore, despite their rapid growth they'll still be isolated in the lower tiers if they plan to tier (which of course they will, why not seize the opportunity after arriving en mass). If we thought IQ's tiering was insane. Imagine 300 nations at the same city count. They could single handedly dominate the under 16 range for the next 1-2 years with a little momentum...and imagine if a certain ocean themed alliance helped fund their early cities. It might make this 'irrelevant alliance' a lot more relevant very quickly. As for my own personal complaints about their treatment of other PnW players that could be chalked up to morning paranoia. They wanted to make their arrival a surprise and they accidentally botched the slow burn they'd planned. Anyone who spoiled that was likely to meet the same fate as the few people who did get banned. Downside is, when you're a public discord with 30,000 people, it's not surprising there are already 10+ pnw players who wake up surprised <> and are eager to share what they know with their respective alliances. My other major complaint was that they had in place a method to totally restrict their members from joining any other PnW alliance, by denying services their discord offered. That's their choice and it's my choice to generally dislike it :p. But after giving it some thought, even if this community has no intention of participating in our collective community. At least it buffs up the numbers, introduces a new dynamic in a stagnant tier and increases awareness about the game that might attract other players and communities. This is a jumble of ideas and things I've picked up. But mainly i just wanted to steer the discussion in a constructive direction. I'm not putting anyone down or trying to to target Pacifica, I've never harbored any ill will against you guys. But yeah, this silent and shocking mass migration really shook me and i'm surprised it isn't being discussed more. This is probably a consequence of me not playing CN with alliances of 600 people or more. Anyway feel free to correct or debate any of the points I've mentioned or more in the same tone. E.g. What does this new alliance mean for the game? I'm confident this will be the first day of many when we'll be discussing them on the OWF.
  14. Epi

    Really NPO

    300/30,000 people join the game in 24hours. Any questions and attempts at contact are bullying and intrusive. Good to know.
  15. Honourable people, strong community and pragmatic politics. Something for everyone.
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