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  1. The score changes are the most positive thing to come out of this. Trying to discourage them by presenting them as anti-raider is nonsense, this change is absolutely necessary to balance the game. It would promote localised and intratier conflict and prevent these massive updeclares/downdeclares we all know are unfair. As for raiders if you kept 1k infra in your cities and max soldiers you could still attack nations 5 cities above and below you. Half that infra (which is viable thanks to the population buff) decomm the soldiers and suddenly your range opens up even more 😛
  2. Akuryo, Sketchy, Jazz, Kev and Keegoz in one alliance.
  3. Can we have our flag permanently added to the test server, iz the usual prize for winning the tournament.
  4. You say that lol, but then I look at the test server where we were outnumbered 3/1, fighting 800 wars and totally annihilating the competition. If two of our members trade infra for all his expensive tanks and planes that's a fine trade. If he wants respect, he can earn it through growth and goodwill 😜 I'm sure he knows that
  5. Addicted and Jeremy would help people regardless of their situation or standing. Bittersweet ending.
  6. Tfw immortals and Lost Empire between them sent over 15 messages at one time to deliberately push new players inbox to page 2 and monopolise recruitment. Just because one of you stopped doesn't make it any less stupid if you defend it.
  7. You don't need to sign off your posts with your name that's why we have forum signatures, nub. I'm not gonna say the same things as the rest. But do you know what separates micros from real alliances, in a single word, ego. This is why they fail to recruit talented members, listen to advice and improve, and above all else they get trapped in bad habits for the sake of their own worthless name. That said at least people are posting here ig
  8. I don't think i need to explain what's wrong with this picture.
  9. If you're wondering how The Immortals got so many members, they did this for a while but to the extreme. Instead of just trying to send a message first, they would stagger their messages slightly to push the inbox to a 2nd page. That way the new player couldn't see any recruitment messages except for TI/Lost Empire (after they started doing the same), lol. Sheepy needs to include 'recruitment messages' as an alliance perk you can just like backgrounds etc. to prevent stuff like this.
  10. Congratulations from us also :D.
  11. On this most auspicious day. King Arthur 1 has been toppled from his throne by the exiled Prince Arthur, using his mighty geass cuteness to execute his father and ascend the throne as our first Emperor. In the early hours of this morning we did not understand his vision but after staring into the puppers eyes for several seconds, we now possess a weeb's conviction, sure in the fact that C2 is best girl despite the best efforts of Kallen. At a word from our leige we are ready to fight in the waifu wars, spreading C2's message across our empire using new Knightmare units. Some of us doubted this change, the weeb inspired weapons of war were unwieldy and often impractical.... but undoubtedly useful once we'd discovered the damage multiplier against native peoples. Pleased with his progress, the king then proclaimed that in celebration of his coup the army would be commissioned to cook the world's largest pizza. The student council leading a prayer in honor of the immortal witch and patron saint of pizza and chaos, C2. Finally and certainly for a very good reason which has yet to be revealed, the nobility was clothed as Bunny Girls. /Signed/ Snow White and the 7 dwarves Emperor: Arthur C2: Epimetheus Suzaku: Uriah Jeremiah Gottwald: Viselli
  12. Tbh a 3-day buy completely eradicates the benefit of increasing the score of cities.
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