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  1. Epi

    A Bold New Frontier

    Avoid Bad Kilo
  2. Epi

    A Bold New Frontier

    @Illenium BC didn't so much merge us as hit a corpse over the head with a shovel and drag away the remains. As for RD not a single member is in BC. So can't say they're the end of the line.
  3. Epi


    Loses a war to poobal 3 months ago, still paying for it. Feels bad man
  4. Epi

    A Bold New Frontier

    As a dude who's also merged into BC in the past. BC shouldn't have had to change theme or give up the top gov spots. They're the more experienced and adept. No offense intended. I wish y'all the best. But i think the number of members gained only slightly outweighed the loss in Economic planning & theme.
  5. Epi

    A Bold New Frontier

    How far ye have fallen. 0% tax BC. Feels bad man.
  6. Epi

    I had a chat with a guy....

    Oof, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. I remember Justin once saying they made around 256mil a day tho. Soo, honestly no clue
  7. Epi

    To whom it may concern.

    Go big or go home? At least the world is spinning
  8. Epi

    The Rise has begun

    More like the state in permenant air raid. Sirens going off every few months
  9. Epi

    Where we droppin bois?

    I want 10 pages god damn it, no one gets to compromise. 😂
  10. Epi

    Make it an option to use resources

    When fortify was initially introduced on the Test Server. We saw Black Winter (Tkr) hit The Pirate Syndicate (Arrgh-T$). A ton of the latter nations fortified before Air strikes were launched and got Air superiority because of it xD.
  11. Epi

    'Empire' feature in wars

    Ryan is dumb, case closed
  12. Epi

    Judgement Day: Oblivion (WMT)

    Great to see new content coming out. It's been a while
  13. Epi

    Where we droppin bois?

    We did have a few good reasons for Raiding TI, that I'm sure Max can hit us up about for a future article. It wasn't because of any personal slight; I spoke to Max months ago about Orbs policy on calling us in particular, shit. We respectfully disagree from memory. Idk why people care about this so much, but all for the better ig.
  14. Epi

    awful nation names

    O mai I mean tbh, it's funny if you think about in a 'general rp' way. Since it implies a state founded itself on the love of Nipples & an episode of survivor changed American opinion so drastically Trump was legally able to change the name.
  15. Epi

    If you could...

    There are two types of micros in my mind. Ones striving to be mass recruiting organizations and others who act as a band of Friends. The Royal Dragons, an alliance i joined briefly (and didn't found), lived on for well over 2 years on and off Pnw despite forming here. The community was and is great. The Island, Goonsquad etc. can be considered the same but more competitive. They don't necessarily add to the game tbh, but they have their fun. So w/e no harm done. Alliances that strive to be much larger organizations and don't have the necessary infrastructure/training are destined to fail. Simple as that. And alliances splintering off others shouldn't and generally aren't considered micros. So it's a help and a hindrance in the sense, there are different types of micros. They all have their flaws, but they also have silver linings. RE: Even the dysfunctional micro makes the game more interesting in terms of drama. --- My message to new Micros --- Take your time and travel before starting work.

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