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  1. They didn't state that in the post, that's why i was just debating technicality :p As for the whole NPO thing, when they initially entered that was the claim, you can search through the early posts from that thread for the actual quotes. But it was just a general condemnation.
  2. They just suicided into Grumpy-Guardian and peaced out after less than 1 full round. According to your coalition on the orders of NPO. <><> I am confuzzled why you would think this is consistency. Since we haven't seen any logs or statements as to why...at least not that i've seen. --For the record i actually don't mind//have my own opinions. The consistency part is just strange given there's a 36 page thread above this debating the inconsistency.
  3. Epi

    Horse-Farkers Inc.

    fake wars, fake treaties. Real beer. Congrats fark
  4. Epi

    We are here for the Whales

    NPO is racing you guys now tho, in 24 hours they've reached 14 pages. Roughly 40% of this.
  5. Epi

    Ketog vs Chaos War: Name Poll Round 1

    I'm surprised Endgame didn't make it in. Nevermind, wrong war.
  6. Epi

    We are here for the Whales

    This is now officially the longest thread
  7. Epi

    Bloody Horsemen

    I'm actually one of the few people here who's more than willing to agree that the war was legitimate and that there was extensive beef on both sides to be engaging. My issue with it was that it was a means to an end, it was a political move to encourage the other spheres to break up. Which i reasoned isn't the way to go about the problem since if successful it would result in a ton of mini-spheres yes. But the same losers year round and eventually a return to old bipolar politics.
  8. Epi

    Bloody Horsemen

    Tfw you make a valid point, in which every sphere is at fault. Put forward a solution, being the redraft of everyone's raiding rules as a post-war term. And getting pooped on, because like everyone else you have engaged in this course of action. :D. It's almost like no one is innocent and we should take a step to resolve this. Keep in mind the reason why i pointed at Arrgh [old paperless], Chaos and Ketog in my previous post is that unlike the blob they do not protect new players and they aren't accepting of even larger alliances. In the current state of the game, the blob can't dissolve slowly because the alliances that leave will get picked off 1 by 1. It'll have to be a deliberate attempt by the powers that be and it will leave them vulnerable by mere association with what was once the blob. Because those outside of it have grown bitter due to a lack of targets. And even assuming those alliances do forgive and forget [a decade of history], the skill differential is enormous. The blob by in large, plays this game casually [a consequence of mass membership]. By comparison KETOG and some members of Chaos are fanatics. And even in a more multi-polar Orbis there will be alliances that choose quantity over quality, by allowing these casual players into their ranks...this shouldn't be a bad thing. It's possible that KETOG-TKR-Rose are earnestly balancing the powers of the game, against a bandwagoning super sphere. But if their history has taught us anything, if the idea of a rational actor has taught us anything. It's that this is highly unlikely. They just think they'll be served better if we're divided. Less of a threat if we're divided. But anyway, it's fun to see there is at least some debate. And hopefully a 'practical' application of mini-spheres can be achieved. We've already seen Citadel and Fark/Horsemen put their own spin on the concept. Though i think, to sustain mini-spheres, there needs to be some consensus against purely opportunistic peace-time wars. And that these hyper active alliances need to look at splitting up post war and taking on more casual ones to help drive more of the player base into frequent conflict. :p hopefully some of the more stagnant alliances are also willing to go out on a limb here. <.< Both of them failed the last 2 times we tried this (Post-Ayyslamic and Post-Knightfall). It should all go well, the will to fight is a lot stronger than last year. And we've all be slowly cornering ourselves through subsequent 'dynamic' ideologies that we may eventually come to a consensus @TheShadow
  9. Epi

    Bloody Horsemen

    Raiding is fun, but the large scale raiding by players in tkr-ketog is the reason most micros aren't paperless. It even extends to other alliances outside the Web, Animation Domination was an alliance only on the peripherals and died immediately. Pantheon lost its ties to other major powers and died immediately. Your coalition was responsible for both of those alliances requiring treaties. And when they lose wars they become less desirable to your selective blocs. So they have only 1 option, the blob. And what do they call the alliances that pursue survival, they call them cowards and protectates and incompetent etc. Chaos and Ketog have the primary trait of preying on weaker alliances. It's no wonder so much of the game ended up tied together in response. The only potential exception is the fark soup war which played out like the rest, with an added bonus that they weren't permitted to activate their treaties! It didn't harm their alliance as much as the others, but they still sign pantheon postwar. Strength in numbers. If they want a dynamic environment post war they need to stop killing and insulting all the alliances willing to work outside the blob.
  10. Epi

    Name the laggy global war

    Quest for the Holy Grail
  11. Epi

    Bloody Horsemen

    This is a problem with your sphere and the blob, both are opportunistic because of lax raiding rules and the use of force against any willing to counter outside the web. It wouldn't take much to discuss serious large scale revision of the raiding rules within all major alliances. To help foster new communities instead of zeroing them out whilst those raiders have unlimited access to funds via grants from whales.
  12. Epi

    A clarification on "Slavery"

    @Sir Scarfalot You may be unaware but Empyrea was accepting members who didn't speak english and selling them to other alliances. Camelot bought and free'd one of these slaves :D. @TheShadow @CitrusK Mind confirming Arthur, 1st of his name, breaker of chains, father of dragons.
  13. Epi


    Camelot stole 5 treasures during Knightfall. And our quest took us all over Orbis for over 343 days. But with less than 22 days on the clock till our one year anniversary we have completed our divine mandate. Bk & TCW leaked enough to give us this opportunity. May the other vassals look on in envy!
  14. Epi


    >> Epi & Underlord finally got a handful of the sphere crayons. Time to activate 1 of our 200 treaties with TCW>
  15. Epi

    We are here for the Whales

    Tally ho, Cluster F#ck Coalition

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