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Tiber the Black Rides To Battle

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9 minutes ago, Rozalia said:


Too easy exposing New Radiant Order lies.

As the real leader of Roz Wei, I call of this declaration, or whatever it also. I also disband us.

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Reports from the field have been coming in. Tiber the Black's Knights are reported to be meeting many defeats on the field to the enemy they fear most, Roz Wei. 

Reasons for these results have been credited to the Roz, the Son of Heaven. Many have been thanking Roz for his protection. 

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44 minutes ago, Eva-Beatrice said:

@Rozalia Mr. Damien Sandow, when do you predict the great war will be OVAAAAAHHHHHHHH?


When these obsolete mules are buried so well that even the man with three Hs would be proud. 

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