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  1. Gotta learn the secret to smoking beers though.
  2. Only when you were around chaunce.
  3. I thought t$ was all about winning not losing. Looks like that misconception is gone.
  4. @Prefonteen Couldn't get enough people to fight for you?
  5. What is in a name? Is it a Partisan that is in a name? So, what is in a name?
  6. You still have a chance to get it back.
  7. So then it is about as real as your CB, got it.
  8. So TRF started the war. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. @Seeker Why you don't declare war on me? Are you scared? Why give all your loot to other people. I thought we had a better relationship.
  10. @Sketchy I don't understand why TKR is upset. The Crusade never sleeps. I am happy to have found more targets.
  11. That Pope decreed KTs rules.
  12. I was alright with it then, I am alright with it now.
  13. I see you simply pointing out a deepstate BK/N$O conspiracy.
  14. TRF hit TGH/KT first. Can't have revenge wars now? What a boring way to play.
  15. @Inst Context Matters.
  16. @Prefonteen You shouldn't be changing your name if you want it back, you know. Because people may steal it.
  17. Very Smart @James II maybe you will eventually get some spy attacks in, @James II Very Smart.
  18. Re-used show that you are truly beautiful and get a new one.
  19. BK 4eva stronk 4eva beautiful
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