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2 VEs 1 cup

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Here at CKD, we have come to the conclusion that sometimes you have to think hard, like not dwell on it, but concentrate hard like where you might pop a vein. VE and tVE are friends and therefore we cannot pick one over the other should there be any physical displays of dominance such as charging at each other, scratching trees and leaving scent behind, or breaking off each other’s pincers. We hope VE and tVE both find a peaceful solution where they can hold hands together near the fireplace while Careless Whisper plays. To those not enjoying that saxy time tussle, we urge you to let them make up in the quiet of their home. CKD will continue to offer advice, tips, tricks, and life hacks, but we’re not looking to throw hands.


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Can you make a concise statement on what exactly this means? Jesus this is a bad announcement and you should feel bad.


This 100% ^^^^^^^


Abbas had to message me and explain it to me.


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