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  1. If it's such an issue, why is it just being brought up now? What exactly is the issue here? Why was this such an issue after a few days of voting? Also why does it MATTER to know who voted who? To complain more?
  2. I usually stay away simply for my mental health. Look at this shit. It's a cluster !@#$.
  3. yall need a change in diet


    1. saeton


      is the gas really that bad 

  4. Hold the !@#$ up. Who started whining about votes first I wonder....
  5. I couldn't read all of the !@#$ing bullshit being spewed. So because votes are being given to those you don't like, it's vandalizing? It's dishonoring the vote? !@#$ that shit. Seriously. And shame on anyone helping run this vote that actually is taking sides because it's bullshit. Everyone on this vote was nominated for a god damn reason. Meaning they earned a vote for a damn reason. It's not up to you to say if you think it's legit or not. If thats how you want it, then it wouldn't be a commuintiy based vote. Yall need to go to the doctor for some damn meds, because yall have way to much salt in your diet.
  6. So, certain people are pissy because the votes aren't going the way the wanted. Why should we entertain crybabies?
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