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  1. *waits for the circle jerk to start*
  2. Thank god you're not a judge in real life.
  3. Oh please, the amount of times I've gotten messages from you guys saying "wtf you doing bro" is disgusting in itself. You keep coming back to me. It's ok you love me. Just admit it. The fact that I just drew the attention from hippo, lordship, and sargun all at once is a success. Thanks for playing, boys.
  4. I suppose that's fair enough. I just wish people would drop treaties more often.
  5. I see. Why doesn't TKR just drop the treaty then?
  6. Is signing Acadia a backstab or am I missing something?
  7. I love how TKR talked shit about their own ally in this thread
  8. My TCW target offered peace almost immediately. Not even TFP tried offering peace. Says a lot.
  9. Aww hippo you're so cute. Please continue. I know this is a jab at me because that's what TKR thinks of me. If you have something to say to me then say it to my face. Or are you too much of a coward? You messaged me in-game but then stopped responding. Do you need Lordship to hold your hand?
  10. Too bad Lordship is in charge.
  11. I mean when I was a member of TKR, IC put up for a membership-wide vote whether we'd want to break up with tS or BK. Iirc, the membership picked breaking ties with tS. They liked BK for their memes and because they're more fun. Needless to say, IC hinted he'd keep tS over BK. And that's what happened. Things are in fact talked about without your knowledge. I mean now you're in a paperless alliance so it's only a matter of time before you grow large enough for Syndisphere to consider you a "threat" and roll you.
  12. I remember the days when I was in TKR and IC told us not to get cocky and post on the OWF exactly what Eumir just posted. He had the wisdom to know TKR is not a god and will one day "get rolled" as he put it. I admire TKR and IC for this. Apparently the rest of Syndisphere does not have this same wisdom. I know, rich coming from me.
  13. I mean I was shitposting to shitposting earlier and now I'm telling the truth. Maybe it wasn't you that said the stuff specifically. But again, I'm not making it up. These things were said. And it happens on your discord more often than not.
  14. Being able to mobilize during a war and do well isn't the end-all-be-all of activity. tS is good at war, ok. You guys have miraculously done well considering what I've heard about you. Just remember, tS had a lot of help this war. A lot of the alliances that attacked you were successfully countered or at least held at bay enough for you to do well. You seem to think tS can take all the credit when the real MVPs are the ones that saved you.
  15. I remember it specifically being said that the only really active members of tS left, and yes you're one of them. I mean just the other day someone said they used to post 30 posts a day on the tS forums and some tS members haven't posted that much in a year. Your actions speak very loudly Eumir. You're responding to my tS comments faster than actual tS member can login into their dead forums. If they don't need defending then stop defending them.
  16. I mean I don't make this stuff up. These are conversations that have happened in public discord channels. The amount of times I've heard that tS's forums are inactive and how the only really active members of tS have now left is staggering. Seriously, if you're so concerned about your former alliance then go back to them, Eumir. But you won't and it's for a very good reason.
  17. Just ask Thrax, Eumir, Katie, and the rest of former tS squad about whether tS is active or not. Ex-tS members have made it clear mostly on discord of the lack of activity on your alliance forums and the like. If this information is incorrect, then tell your former members to stop spreading it.
  18. Well trust me, we are not overconfident. If there is one thing you should believe is that we are well aware of the damage we are taking and the dangers to come. Lol we are very well aware of this. Well, I don't care about people's opinions about us. What I do care about though is factual information because this is a public arena and I'm not going to let people spread misinformation. This implies a certain level of caring, but it's kind of needed for FA purposes since people actually believe what is said on here. For example that guy from Mensa baited me on the last page about how he's seen Lordaeron's chat and implied it's bad. Ok that's his opinion. But if he were to say we were inactive, I'd respond because it's not true. I guess to be more clear, we don't care that people think we're bad shitposters blah blah. It's not going to stop us from doing it, because it's fun. The only way to learn and improve is through action. If we took the bait seriously, we'd run away from the OWF and never learn. But we're not going to do that. We're going to make mistakes openly and honestly. This is the only way towards success.
  19. Hey I got this information from someone in Rose. You guys post more and more often. This is fact. That's what I meant.
  20. Sure if we were under more pressure we'd be doing worse. No one is contesting that. But when I see my alliance doing well and holding up at least our side of the bargain, I'm going to point it out and I'm going to be proud. We could be doing worse. And frankly, there seems to be plenty of misinformation saying we aren't doing well. A lot of this thread was in response to that. I'm not going to let people say we're doing poorly when we're not. As for your final statement, no. The OWF is not equivalent to Syndisphere. You guys might have a larger representation but we're not going to avoid it for that reason. We like posting on here so we're going to continue. What I meant is that we don't care what Syndisphere thinks. That is not reason to avoid the OWF.
  21. Let me just end my involvement in this syndisphere circle jerk by saying a couple more things. We were told to shit on Eumir. Whether you guys think we "took the bait" or not is irrelevant. Even if we were good at shitposting (which trust me I admit most of that was just utter garbage) you still wouldn't be happy. Why? Because you're our enemy. None of us give a shit about what you think about it. We're going to post when we want to regardless of if makes us look bad in the almighty eyes of the Syndisphere circle jerk squad. You guys don't matter to us. And lastly, Lordaeron is a great community with close members and active coordination. Maybe the targets you hit specifically weren't great ones. But there are 70 of us and we're talking, pming, planning, coordinating, and most importantly helping each other. That's the best we can do. If you have beef with Kastor then go ahead and shit on him all you like. But hell no am I going to sit back and watch people demean the otherwise innocent and kind members of Lordaeron. We are a close and active community of very friendly people. I was in TKR, Polaris, TUE, ESD (lol). And ultimately I chose Lordaeron and I haven't regretted it one bit.
  22. Its funny because you guys think we only think what we post on the OWF. Trust me buddy, you have no idea what we talk about behind the scenes, what we're planning, and how we're going about it. The fact is that right now, Lordaeron is in fact winning a lot of its wars. We're getting beat down a bit but ok, so are a lot of other alliances. We don't speak on behalf of our entire coalition. We never said or side of the war is winning. We are saying Lordy is winning a lot of its wars and it's true. We are one of the only alliances with a positive ratio. This is fact. We have targets that we're supposed to hit and win against. This is happening for the most part. We make sure the people we hit won't come back to bite us in round 2. This is about all we can do. We can't make SK win, we can't do anything about the other fronts except for what we're doing now. And what we're doing now is helping on our front to the best of our ability and it's working. Many of us are in fact looking towards round 2 in preparation. You can continue to pretend you know what you're talking about, but you really don't.
  23. are you assuming you are someone?
  24. I'm not talking about this war. I'm generally shitposting tS. For a majority of their esteemed career they mostly hid behind TKR and BK who were actually the good ones. And they backstabbed Rose and VE a while ago. Smh. When people take shitposting seriously. Smh. None of what I said is outside of reality. It's what tS is famous for. And now they're just a pile of inactives.
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