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The Commonwealth and Valyria Cease Hostilities


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Congrats TCW you guys fought awesome :) 

and happy rebuild Valyria :P

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That Christmas flag is pretty sweet. Congratz TCW :)

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“ Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. â€

–The First Ideal of the Windrunners,


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Me when Commonwealth gets out of the war and comes home




Congrats on the peace guys!

Oh hey...*kicks off boots and ready to be serviced*


Hooray for us and congrats to Valyria for the nice fight!

GPA is not dead.

GPA is not dead? Show me the receipts, F2! Youze a lie!  :P


Why flag do that?


Come see me I fix you up next time.


Great job to my babes in TCW. Queen I see you ;)

Hey boo heeeeeeeeeey 


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3. Valyria agrees to issue a public apology for its attempt to extort the since disbanded Green Protection Agency.


Thank you for including this. All things considered, that was the thing that pissed me off the most.


Congratulations on the peace! I hope your first war as TCW was a fun one. :)

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