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  1. I wanted to join in, but they're all out of my range. Good luck to our mid-tiers, they're getting good exercise.
  2. I think our shtick will be to make our DOW holiday based. So anyway, nothing personal, war is war.
  3. I remember when UPN and Rose were on top of the leaderboards.
  4. Seeing how many members of his cabinet have evidence on corruption and criminal links to Russia, I wouldn't be surprised.
  5. Inb Everyone starts posting their political compass. TCW seems to have a weird line between the blues and the greens.
  6. The war started with a spy attacks, and ends with getting rid of one.
  7. Never. The radiation wears off, but the scars never do.
  8. Alliances go up, alliances go down, the rollers get rolled, and then roll again; it's an eternal cycle. Unless they disband.
  9. If I remember correctly, this was what the GPA used to say about us being neutral and many of the paperless alliances tore us apart. So, when the paperless sphere trot out the same "whiny" (their words, not mine) arguments that the GPA and other neutrals used to make, I have to laugh. Sympathy and !@#$ given: Zero.
  10. For once we're on the winning side. Feels good.
  11. Remember, just the fact that you've made it as part of the poll is pretty great, so win or lose congratulations to all of you! Except those on the controversial poll. You lot know what you've done.
  12. You mean the descent of a democracy to an oligarchy? No. I t's a possible end for a democracy, which is why religious authorities and the ultra-rich or any cabal shouldn't be allowed complete control of a society, but it's not the inevitable end of a democracy.
  13. I value the freedom of the person to have bodily autonomy, so I think it's the woman choice in the end. You don't have to like Abortion, but it's their choice. That and I always put abortion and opposition to it as one of the issues that I use to gauge whether a country is going down the route as a Theocracy.
  14. If the game suddenly experiences a growth spurt it would be awesome. New players are needed to keep it going.
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