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  1. This can't be right, Blackie is a notorious tight arse.
  2. The smaller alliance usually approaches the larger (Protector) alliance.
  3. Not official until leg pics are deployed. Show us your pins TCL (on slack of course, the OWF dregs are unworthy)
  4. Arrgh are pony, hardly much to get worked up about.
  5. Wow it's like Cornerstone never left.
  6. Bye SK, you won't me missed.
  7. I take it my protest will fall on deaf ears so what's the point.
  8. Yeah and I am still salty about it
  9. You were quick enough to adopt my choice of name
  10. The Commonwealth needs a new & better flag IMHO Still congrats guys
  11. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Can I take Solaire back home now?
  12. Angevin


    It's just a clever ruse.
  13. I have a few of the DLC, stuff like Republics, SoA, ToG etc but I usually play as Byzantium, I go enjoy crushing Jihads and blinding or castrating my prisoners.
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