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  1. It was a pleasure to fight along our allies. Good luck everyone and I hope you have a good rebuilding.
  2. Looks like a lot is going to change! o7
  3. nice gift for them pirates 4B LOL gg Arrgh
  4. It was nice while it lasted! New adventures await. Thx to Rose for all the good times and thx to Eclipse for staying with us in this new path.
  5. This was fun! I hope everyone involved get a quick and fun rebuild 😇
  6. You did your best. I am sure you will have a good rebuilding and will be ready for the next battle.
  7. Noticed that because they posted in alliance affairs lmao o7
  8. The APC rolled in the sand of the quiet morning. Sergeant Bennett stood in the back of the vehicle with the other femboys, wearing the standard uniform and hugging his rifle. His unit was deployed again; it was the second time in a week, and this time they were targetting a nation from Carthago. On the command post of the APC stood Second Lieutenant Astolfo, with his wool thigh high and a radio on his left fist. The mission was simple: the infantry would have to assault another god forgotten city of this nation along the tank squad. They were doing this tons of times, even during the Great Femboy Piracy, they know how to handle such things. "This is the CiC, do you receive, Unit Astolfo? Over." hummed the radio. Quickly, the femboy chatter in the back of the APC dimmed. "Unit Astolfo, we receive you, sir. Over." Astolfo answered back, turning on his chest and twisting his neck to look at us. "We are giving you the green light. I repeat, green light. Go in there and kill them all. Over and out." the radio made that annoying sound when someone slams the phone. "You heard this, boys? We are going in." Astolfo removed his sunglass, looking at each of us, one by one. He know nothing bad would happen. The nation we were attacking was already taking huge losses from our allies in Serpentis and Eclipse. What would have gone wrong this time? With a with a violent croak, the engine started and the APC started rolling in towards the city from the destroyed highway, other APCs following soon after. "Sergeant Bennett, be a good boy and man the machinegun." commanded Astolfo without even looking. My heart stopped for a moment: I never liked it when I was on manning duty. It was dangerous and sad, especially when I had to shoot at other soldiers. "Sir? Why me?" I cried, hoping he would assign someone else and punish me later. When I answered to my lieutenant this way, the crowd quickly fell silent - I knew what was coming. "How dare you to say something like that to your commanding officer, boy?" the officer asked, with an angry look on his face. "I- I'm sorry... please sir..." I tried to avoid what was coming, to no use. "Private Pico? Stop the APC and unlock the back door" the officer turned on the young private piloting the APC. Soon, the APC stopped, and with a silent click, the bulletproof door was opened. The hot air of the sandy hellscape barged in, and I could hear the first bullets coming from nearby APcs. "Get out. You are fighting this one on foot today. And next time, you will be grateful you have the chance to be onboard one of those APCs." the officer concluded, signaling the other soldier by me to take my place and go man the machinegun. It was over. I would not even try to defend myself. I was dumb, and if I were to die today, I would have deserved it. Without a word, I made my way out of the APC: the door was slammed on my back and the vehicle resumed moving. I glanced at my back: the battle had already begun. I could see those Carthaginian soldiers fighting with courage, heroism too. But they were simply outnumbered. I took out a cigarette and lit it up, before putting it in my mouth and begin looking for a cover I could shoot from. A boulder nearby looked like a good place, so I crouched a bit and begun slithering toward the cover. It was then that a blast caught me unprepared. It was confusing at first, but when I woke up, I was in a military hospital in Femboy Island. I was told a chartaginian grenade almost made me lost a leg. I will never know what happened to my APC unit.
  9. Hi! This is not in fact my first time playing P&W, I used to play in 2016. It's good to be around again! Thanks for stopping by and I wish y'all a good day.
  10. It was nice working with you guys. Good luck for thr future
  11. Hooray for us and congrats to Valyria for the nice fight! GPA is not dead.
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