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Recognition of Hostilities and Enmity

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As a minor bookkeeping matter, Arrgh runs on lists.  Who to kill, who not to kill, what kinds of rum we need more of, where all the dosh is buried, etcetera.  It's a nightmare I tell you, I didn't get

I hope this covers the current situation accurately.

It's fun seeing the ex-Mensa in Arrgh go head-to-head with their old alliance-mates. eRep must be quite the volatile place.

Can confirm. Totally not up to anything over here.

True all units are dead. Just waiting on defense slots to open and I'll accept ur invite to raid,Rose.
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02/06 12:07 pm Peace has been offered by Areton Chashul of Chashul. Your advisers suggest you carefully weigh your options. Further attacks will destroy all peace offerings.

dow'd me with 2x as many cities and then offered peace within 24 hours

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