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  1. Hello Sheepy/Alex, I was hoping to come back to the game and can't recreate my nation with the account I have. Is there any way to do that without re-registering? I dont want my old stats back etc. Thanks, Jacob
  2. Good Morning ORBIS! I'm back, While always a pirate who knows what will come of me :) I'm glad to see many familiar faces around; and sad to see many others gone. Jacob
  3. I like this announcement. For your next trick will Slick return?
  4. He's actually right. None of my cities have 40 improvements anymore, most of them are signifigantly lower. At the same point, Improvements also generally drain my income rather then supporting my nation. Especially Commerce, which becomes a money sink once you go lower then 1k infra.
  5. Hang on - Wasnt that fixed by the pop caps? Because it did that >.>
  6. Its not raiding, We're hitting Cloud 9 as direct retaliation for harboring spies and organizing said spies. People go around saying "ARRGH IS SOOOO EVIL". In all reality we just dont let shit fly.
  7. We have moved towards a cuddle puddle. Rum and swords. It was a good fight. ARRGH!
  8. Im sorry to see you guys go. None the less, I wouldnt go blaming things on game mechanics, DHE was widely open and raided in mass by political pirates before they where stomped down. Your military had been lack luster from the start, and allowed for raids. With the fall of Roses sphere the political clout you had been riding on was gone.
  9. They where made to sit down. Mind you this was after we curb stomped them the first time and gave white peace. Clooney messaged me a few days ago "Blah blah attacked we're countering". One NAC declared, Three Arrgh countered before I could even read the message. Then 2 other poorly armed NAC followed in on "orders". Thats how I feel.
  10. I was pretty sure there was a tone of clooney sarcasm to it He's peachy you see.
  11. I feel like Pre's was better and you're trying to hard. Dont you just join in whoever has a war with us every time you send your nations to suicide into ours?
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