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  1. Yeah, the work-around is obvious. The mechanic remains dumb. I assume its to stop 1 soldier attacks or something but that is not what it does practically speaking. And don't try to 'think logically' about a game its a game. 'Thinking logically' leads to all sorts of complications mechanically and should be avoided.
  2. "You must have at least 50 soldiers to initiate a ground attack." Could you change it to be 50 Soldiers OR 50 tanks? What is the point of just soldiers for this mechanic?
  3. That would be fine. Un-dumb is all I suggest.
  4. I am sure BK will rise the the challenge of defending poor MENSA from the SK menace. They are logging in now.
  5. I see the unrecoverable flat spin is ongoing. If only some people had made suggestions about how *not* to enter the rotor wash. Honestly, its a good time to learn some life lessons sheepy so you can write a paper about it. Big picture: failure is a part of life. Kemal must be so proud! Logging back out now =)
  6. Oh, you. I knew you would never be able to keep RL out of the game.
  7. Ignore the TESTies they are a bit overflowing with salt at the moment.
  8. He could make it 1%, or whatever, of steel/gas/munitions. . .then again I would just shoot my shit to the bank - fortify - shoot it back to myself. You could just fix the broken mechanic...
  9. Admin fails teach the player base wat now?
  10. Well, I saw one worse before. That game is dead. Alex can you now modify our bank upwards a significant, and undisclosed, amount to undo the significant damage you did by revealing our bank holdings? Thanks in advance.
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