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  1. This is 1000% classic Buck
  2. Hello Sheepy/Alex, I was hoping to come back to the game and can't recreate my nation with the account I have. Is there any way to do that without re-registering? I dont want my old stats back etc. Thanks, Jacob
  3. Good Morning ORBIS! I'm back, While always a pirate who knows what will come of me :) I'm glad to see many familiar faces around; and sad to see many others gone. Jacob
  4. I like this announcement. For your next trick will Slick return?
  5. He's actually right. None of my cities have 40 improvements anymore, most of them are signifigantly lower. At the same point, Improvements also generally drain my income rather then supporting my nation. Especially Commerce, which becomes a money sink once you go lower then 1k infra.
  6. Hang on - Wasnt that fixed by the pop caps? Because it did that >.>
  7. Its not raiding, We're hitting Cloud 9 as direct retaliation for harboring spies and organizing said spies. People go around saying "ARRGH IS SOOOO EVIL". In all reality we just dont let shit fly.
  8. We have moved towards a cuddle puddle. Rum and swords. It was a good fight. ARRGH!
  9. Im sorry to see you guys go. None the less, I wouldnt go blaming things on game mechanics, DHE was widely open and raided in mass by political pirates before they where stomped down. Your military had been lack luster from the start, and allowed for raids. With the fall of Roses sphere the political clout you had been riding on was gone.
  10. They where made to sit down. Mind you this was after we curb stomped them the first time and gave white peace. Clooney messaged me a few days ago "Blah blah attacked we're countering". One NAC declared, Three Arrgh countered before I could even read the message. Then 2 other poorly armed NAC followed in on "orders". Thats how I feel.
  11. I was pretty sure there was a tone of clooney sarcasm to it He's peachy you see.
  12. I feel like Pre's was better and you're trying to hard. Dont you just join in whoever has a war with us every time you send your nations to suicide into ours?
  13. Last time I checked we all have higher bad ass scores and better leaderboards rankings then any of your members. Ahh the days of phiney being "Badass" are clearly over.
  14. The screenshot misses the part where I say "But hey, I probably deserved it". We also forget that pre went around and threatened all our protectorates after we ruffled his feathers with that raid a few weeks ago.
  15. It is. Planet Bob is friken boring as all hell. I believe we need to challenge each other to be better; and in turn have more fun
  16. A lot of the culture does persist from (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways), but thats about where the line is drawn. Bill lock happens in PnW too. You can also be bill locked in PnW. Its painfully obvious this @[email protected] dont know that. It is comparable to your nations power not being kept up, negative income and not being able to use military etc. with this new update it will be much easier to send a nation into bill lock. Its also amazing how easy it is to just go negative with a max airforce at my build. Let alone tanks.
  17. Most of us are literally in the same position you guys are, We're just doing it better >.> These caps hurt you guys more then they hurt us tbh. You should really add some military on..
  18. The only concern is being able to spawn in resources with credits in my opinion. Credits where very underpowered in the first place, but now they will definitely allow for some pay to win advantages as to previously the advantage was minimal.
  19. Hang on you're complaining because you would have to try to win wars? and use more resources? Hang on, so you're telling me war is costly? Your complaints completely go back to the fact that Rose had no prepared nations to defend itself. Which is a MAJOR fall through on your leadership. The only people who complain and have a hard time dealing with raiders are people who would rather sit around and talk about it, some of us are trying to use all the mechanics. You just used this "broken system" to buy a treasure off a nation so I would stop whining. Fight first, Diplo later. Are you serious? Do you hear yourself? This is what I said in a far nicer tone.
  20. Sheepy. I understand the frustration you are going through. You have attempted to balanace the game with this change, and I see your logic, I really do. This was ment to balance out the amount of units a nation can have in its point range. With these changes though, Nations have to way to get back up and fight. #1 Even after basic rebuilding; Nations my size would have to rebuild out of the "cheap infra zone" which with the update was already changed from 500 to 800 due to nessecity. I would have to rack it up to at least 900 per city to achieve this, Thats a few million. Now if you are expecting nations to donate for that dosh, then you have truly made the game pay to win. #2 Small amounts of infra damage quickly push nations under the cap of other nations in there exact point range. Yesterday I noticed my Cap was actually LOWER then most nationsi n my range at the same size, thus hurting my nation. Especially with how powerful airforce is here, capping it was a death sentence to anyone trying o get back up o fight. #3 Arrgh and Mensa dont agree on a lot of things, but I would like to believe both alliances are good with numbers and strategy. If we are warning you how this can be abused, Yeah some of my best friends quit because of your update, and the fact that you arnt giving the losing nations in a war a standing chance. I would also like to say that niemand was a top player on the test server for months, and contributed quite a bit. Had you asked for our help and input on the subject, we probably could have helped better balance the situation. Also there was no to little communication going on about this update, and most where blindsided by it. Niemand also single handled made baseball a thing >.> He'll be a huge loss to our community and the Orbis Community. The whole part of an alliance is defense, what makes an alliance soviergn is them being able to defend there soil. If people are messaging you angry about raiders etc, you need to look at there nations and the levels they started with. I havnt raided a single person who had a max airforce through all of this. I think that says a lot. I really wish you had come to a few of the most active players in the game for input.
  21. If your members had enough military in the first place this wouldnt be a problem. If there is no mil, it doesnt matter what size the raiders are.
  22. Yes but after round 1 you wouldnt be able to maintain that.
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