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  1. Bout 2 weeks too late bro... seriously, what is it with aliances in this game, it's no wonder only a few get any respect!
  2. Careful Syrup, otherwise you'll be accused of having butthurt over these new changes!
  3. I don't think I ever made it into the top 3...
  4. When the test server was first annouced many months ago, I went and made 300m in cash and held 9 treasures. Please, don't assume that the test server is anything like the actual server we play on. The dynamics are totally different, not to mention people often get masses of resources and cash handed to them by Admin. Those that 'try the game and don't like it' have zero bearing on me and my raids, as well as those 'super arrgh nations', to get in to our range, you'd need to be at least 3-4 months old. So once more, stop with the utter bullshit that our tactics of low score/strong military impacts on new players. It does not. It's the failing of the game from the off that causes the retention issues. It's the slow pace of the game, from starting an account to completing all you need to do in a day takes about 15 minutes, after the first day, it's 2 minutes. The game does not grab peoples attention. It's not my responsibility to play the game for other peoples enjoyment. If they are not willing to seek the protection needed, then they deserve to be raided.
  5. He had no choice, he knew he was only days away from being smashed like the majority of his alliance. If you know you about to be punched in the face, you might as well strike the first blow and make a scrap out of it.
  6. Balance and fairness imo go hand in hand. Each style needs a plus and a negative, which roughly should balance out. Giving one style all the plus points, leads to one style of play. Which effects balance and future conflicts.
  7. I don't think it is, I need only 16 slots to hold a near full military build, 20 slots to hold full, due to pop caps. This is 800-1000 infra, you wouldn't be gaming the system and you'd be playing as intended (each 50 infra is one slot). With this build I would still be a pain in the arse. Unless you are suggesting that infra has all the upsides with no downsides. Which from what I can see, that is what people want with this up date. To match a fighting account as well as having a decent economy, to me, is not fair.
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