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  1. pigs remember people for years and hold grudges. if you kick a pig when it is a baby it will remember you and attack you as an adult. cows are aware that when the truck comes and their buddies go onto it they don't come back and so actively avoid being shipped off to their deaths, along with showing signs of depression.
  2. >stealing my joke in my thread you're worse than a nazi
  3. 1. Define "population problem". Right now there are plenty of unemployed people, and not enough jobs. To me, that could be considered a population problem. 2. Racism is not wrong on principle. If black people or Jews or anybody else were actually as terrible as the Klan or Hitler said they were, discrimination based on the reality of those people just not being "like us" wouldn't be a bad thing in the same way that making sure your dog is on a leash isn't discriminatory because it's being based in reality. Racism is a bad thing because by and large, the Klan and the Nazis are a bunch of !@#$ing idiots who made shit up and didn't know what they were talking about. 3. Mixed race children are much less likely to be racist due to having family and genes coming from two different races. I'm not saying it's impossible; there are plenty of people with internalized racism or sexism against their own groups. I'm just saying it's a lot harder, and that by promoting contact with other people, you're encouraging understanding. 4. One incentive is that white people are much more wealthy than almost all other groups, save for the Asians and Jews, as groups. White people are the least likely of any race to be in favor of, in practice, dating outside of their race, and this gives them a big incentive to do that. That's the problem and this fixes it - the other races tend to be pretty cool with miscegenation.
  4. in my next thread i'm going to argue in favor of late late term abortions up to the age of 21 to help get rid of some of the shitposters on this forum when their parents find out what they've been up to
  5. for the sake of being honest here 1. this thread was the result of me mis-reading the thread about non-whites getting less rights and deciding to do something retaliatory 2. i'm still doing it mainly because i'm pretty confident that i can successfully argue something as ridiculous as the OP against the people here
  6. this thread is not about the reason behind black american abortion rates being higher, this thread is about the many benefits that we could gain from an affirmative abortion policy to raise white abortion rates up to those of black americans, as detailed in the OP
  7. abortion would still be legal for all races without regard to the policy race would be determined by having a majority european ethnic background or by self-identification as "white". the same way it is determined now. misrepresentation might be a problem, sure, but we already have records for everyone who is born now, and we know who their parents are. it would be very hard to get away with lying, and future children's races could be inferred based on the races of their parents.
  8. i don't think this would go well with taxing purchased resources (ie. i buy 100 steel but only get 90)... it would have to be only on money earned from trades, and you can already tax those resources as they're created, meaning this would only give alliances the new ability to tax people who are playing the market, while potentially adding in a double tax on resource producers. i'm not sure if i agree or not, tbh.
  9. i've never really understood why we're always able to know stuff like the complete improvement composition of every opposing city having the war policy of foreign nations be public knowledge is just an absurd version of how much information we get like why isn't it at least my choice to reveal if i have nukes and, if so, how many? that's how it is IRL
  10. Frequently in the abortion debate, conservatives bring up the point that an overwhelmingly large number of abortions in America are performed by African-American women as opposed to women of other races. In China, the one-child policy is a state-enforced practice specifically meant to encourage miscegenation by applying only to the largest (Han) ethnic group within the country. As a result, inter-racial marriage and better inter-ethnic relations are encouraged, as well as parents to put a lot of time and energy into the children that they do have, making them better people. I think a similar plan could work in the United States to help us to be more like China, who most of us are very scared of anyway. I believe that mandating abortions for any fully-white babies after the first child could help make America great again. Thoughts?
  11. you're their mofa you are tasked with being the public face of your alliance like as much as i shit on partisan for being a dick to me i am aware that it is in his job description to defend his alliance even when it does stupid things if there is any single member of government who is not allowed to just post their stupid opinions everywhere, be a forum troll, and subvert their own alliance's fa goals, it is your position, and you've done all three
  12. nice to see you finally posting something on the forums that makes GPA look something other than bad
  13. we already tried "limited government" and it turned into "corporatism" there's no difference, stop reading libertarian shit america went from a slave-owning society where only white male land-owners could participate in the democracy to a corporate whorehouse where multinationals decide our policies. it was never good and it will never be good.
  14. don't tell me what to do
  15. I support Sanders because he's basically a communist but one who also wants to be a politician. You can tell when he's lying about stuff because he isn't a good liar even after over 70 years alive, and his voting record points to his politics in practice actually being quite radical. I would still vote for Clinton over any of the Republicans, because despite the fact that she's a liar, you can also tell when she's lying because she's also terrible at it. When she said she isn't a natural politician, I believed her. You really can tell. Yes, she flip flops on issues... because she is a politician who wants to get elected. She literally just does whatever the electorate wants her to do. Really, she's exactly what people say they want, and I think she gets a lot of flak because she's a woman, not because of why people say they hate her. She's quite a bit farther to the right than me but I wouldn't say she's bad by any standard. All that bullshit she pulls to get elected she has shown willing to pull to get results as a politician when it comes to important progressive issues. Trump gets a bad rap because he's abrasive as shit, but a lot of what he says gets taken the wrong way by dumb people. He lies like hell, though, so you never know what he actually believes, but what he's been consistent on is sorta like national socialism lite. Not a Nazi by any means, but he generally supports white people, American nationalism, and Keynesian economics. He's "moderate" by Republican standards, but he also has some crazy ideas that you can never know just how serious he is about implementing. Basically, he can't be trusted, but I don't think he'll be quite as bad as people make him out to be. Kasich gets called "moderate" and "sensible" all the time, but honestly, he's a !@#$ing loon. So is Cruz. I don't trust Trump at all but those two are just as bad as Bush, if not worse, with regards to intelligence and ridiculous Christian conservatism.
  16. you need to get out more this is not intended as an insult, but goddamn, intellectual masturbation seems to have left you blind to reality
  17. i'd say begging for peace on the first day of war is pretty embarrassing is it really that hard to understand that i agree with what i'm saying but that i'd be too lazy to bother arguing it if i didn't also dislike their opponents? i don't lie or argue things i don't believe in, as a personal rule, so that people know they can take what i say at face value. it's called having a reputation as someone who is honest. you guys should try it sometime.
  18. why should steve embarrass himself for nothing? it isn't like your government doesn't act in exactly the same ways that steve has, it's just that he ended up losing. and yes, i am literally willing to sit here and argue in favor of people from NG who have hated me for years over partisan being a dick to me about you guys protecting a nazi clone it's a shame it wasn't 1v1 and you both didn't get the shit kicked out of you. but i don't believe pre that he would've stayed out anyway; nor do i believe steve that he would've kept it 1v1 if given the chance. bunch of !@#$ing liars, all of you.
  19. they really aren't [above making those kinds of jokes] hence why he did it again immediately after saying that's not what he was doing he's a !@#$in idiot homie
  20. yeah you have a bad habit of doing all the small updates so you can just shit something out rather than working on important things that take a bit of time but will do volumes more with it
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