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  1. Greetings Alex, As the pollution index of mining, manufacture were doubled, why would you also 1) increase the cap of no. of recycle center each cities, 2) a grand project to increase the effect of each recycle bin like a ) Recycle Managing Center b ) Vertical "Farming or c) Policy central?
  2. @Alex/Sheepy Please increase the allowance of civil healthcare buildings or create a "project" like cental healthcare bldg to increase the counterance of pollution/disease ability.
  3. the new setup is heavily burden the health and econ of the city. Can you increase the upper limit of hospital/recycle center bldg?
  4. Dear Alex/Sheepy 1) "of has defeated you in war. You have forfeited $15,769,973, 59 Coal, 381 Oil, 8 Iron, 1,566 Bauxite, 0 Lead, 6,973 Gasoline, 1,169 Munitions, 3,274 Steel, 2,623 Aluminum, and 60,294 Food in exchange for peace. Your national color has been changed to Beige." yet the war is ended by only 1 naval attacks. and some of my resources are depleted unfairly. 2) Due to the (unfinished war) defeated raid, I lost the money to pay the nation electricity... the bank refuse to get withdrawed bcos of negative no.of resources in the alliance bank....my nation is starving. PLEASE HELP
  5. Dear Alex/ Sheepy, As the above said, I also experience the same issue which NAP doesnt generate as each turn passed.....PLUS.. the military conscription returned to former stage, I do prefer keeping the New conscipting system in test server, it requires less military bases with lesser no. of military, but you can accumulate the conscriptors each turn.. Please fix it.
  6. IS THAT HEARTS OF IRON IV? I would join USA as it is a separate continent of two world wars (the third will be on its soil.) or Spain.
  7. shall we have Green Moon and make it an opposition to blue moon?
  8. damn, it is good, but the way of the representation really ruins the meaning of the memorial of soldiers lost in battle or some important people pass away....Do you need FOOD for "starving people"?
  9. so you cant be racist in both positive and negative means but in general negative? it is sickening just to use racism, sexism etc just to shut people up for protection....they can learn or earn respect if the person becomes tough.
  10. blame the jews again, sissyboy....I wonder if it is your feminist/princess education which poison the culture.
  11. I wonder if there are lv of bonus for different range of control points. like if you are lower controlling points, the nation would more likely to riot (civilian or military)..the higher, you got better in profits earning from Economics.
  12. As the topic said, there is no mercenaries for players to recruit as I clicked the "black market". and can we sign a treaty to buy missiles from other countries?? PS: Test server
  13. I suggest taking the $1bn reparations for #Rose recovery instead of hand it over
  14. What about the military anti-theist? though I once was triggered by their way of thinking.
  15. Like British, Germnan, Spainish ones? and the Monarchy is seperate to authority with Prime Minister who have real power, but the influence comes from the king/Queen. I would like to see it come, but where is the royal line or Not the Greedy type or not the Commie types.
  16. I wonder if there is a project works- hydrotonic system which preserve the food production from contaminated continents....say +10% recovery from -100% food production.. however the revenue record said it is -125% (with -100% cap) which may indicate the system have no positive effect on food production recovery.. hello ALEX/Sheepy??? What do you think about this?
  17. What is your view? Me think the political correctness is getting to far from the principle which many mad laws are created.
  18. Syndicates structures are capable to take doubt the no. of its opponent while we are losing for having a diverse tiers...
  19. how about no nukes and keep the drugs regulation in high restricted? the radiation effect kills my crops.
  20. In test server, the nation is silently terrorized without any message or who the organiser is...Pls help and fix the bug, sheepy / Alex Win.....
  21. Are they the exact NPO in test server?
  22. 55% Conservative, 45% Liberal I am not american based on their republician/democract system. and why does feel not disgusted makes you liberal?? Do you feel disgusted if you eat an insect alive (which makes you liberal if you feel ok about it??)
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