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  1. Do you take requests? I'd love a Little Witch Academia AMV, please.
  2. I'm loving this deep science. I demand even more colorful charts next time!
  3. The site is definitely more accessible for me than before, but I'm also still noticing strong slowdowns.
  4. Since I'm the leader of Bird Weed, I hope it's alright that I respond. Alex has stated in a previous report on marihuana references that pro-marihuana themes in nations (and thus I assume also alliances) are allowed: PnW's nation policy questionnaire includes a question on cannabis legalization, also. Bird Weed's marihuana theme falls strictly under roleplay, there are no instructions on the real life use of marihuana in Montana or anywhere else in the world. The alliance simply employs the concept of "birds and weed" for fun in the context of the world of Orbis. To make sure I'd be acting within the rules, I didn't create Bird Weed until after seeing an official statement from Alex on pro-marihuana themes, so I believe Bird Weed is a perfectly acceptable addition to the game.
  5. I'd personally be in favor of just removing the karma/vote system entirely, I don't think it adds anything helpful.
  6. The site is still very slow on average I'm afraid.
  7. Sorry if this doesn't belong here but I noticed the server having some real problems the last few days, sometimes loading very slowly or even being unavaible at times. Anything up?
  8. I have no idea why he's being brought up but Thucydides has better things to do I think.
  9. Wow, TWO AMVs in one post this time. Thanks for treating us so nicely. 😊
  10. It's also worth noting that Lowtax is not an expert on LGBTQ+ things, is not trans himself, and that neither he nor any other singular person is in charge of what a word means. "Troon" has changed meaning quite a bit, unfortunately, due to how language and language use is transformed over time by being handled by many different people. If it was just harmless and meant nothing but "trans goon" that'd be sweet but word use changes and not always for the better. There are plenty of examples throughout history. Lowtax saying in 2014 that "troon" is supposed to mean "trans goon" changes nothing about it being a slur in 2019.
  11. Not going to argue anything here, so I hope it's okay to interject; the dictionary definition is absolutely correct, but the term is also used for the kind of softcore pornographic content that W00tles was referencing. From Wikipedia: Whether that is too inappropriate is obviously your call, just wanted to add that extra info.
  12. I also don't always agree with Alex but I absolutely appreciate his time and effort going into this game. The community doesn't always make it easy (and yeah I'm including GOONS in that, no worries), but I'm glad he's ultimately a guy trying to do the right thing for the game and the wellbeing of the community. Thanks for having us, Alex!
  13. All the news fit to make you say "Goons!"
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