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  1. And you say all that ... by posting it as an attention grab as its own thread in a subforum people have newsbots for? Almost ... ironic.
  2. I'm getting the sense that Neko is not the most reliable, trustworthy sort ... Nah, clearly just a coincidence.
  3. Had the pleasure of tussling with y'all already. Very friendly contact, 5 stars. Good luck on your endeavours!
  4. I will fully admit, I have a hard time keeping track of all the treaties in this game already and all the bank shenanigans happening feels about ten times as confusing. Who is this bank? Who are you? Where did I put my glasses??
  5. The important thing here is of course the upcoming Bird Weed space program, aiming to teach the intelligent life out there about birds and weed. Progress will be made as soon as we're done enjoying all the birds and weed on Earth, which is projected to be done at around ... 2162 or so.
  6. Considering how long the war has been going on, making changes is absolutely justified. At some point you just cannot keep waiting as a dev, even when you are doing your best to be courteous.
  7. Spies are very powerful, but also very imbalanced. The dice rolls involved go all other the place, which I always felt was a bit extreme. Needing 2 weeks to build up spies only to have them wiped out in 1-2 attacks is rough, to say the least.
  8. Better information is definitely a factor. Some things are explained well on the site and some are really not, and the wiki is spotty also. More things to do would be a big one as well. I enjoy my time here, but there is so little of substance to do to really flesh out the nations and have more ways to interact with other players.
  9. Only if it's entirely fought with literal ships from here on out.
  10. I see Space and Communism have found each other again. Wonderful! May you find a way to add Gay to that soon, as well.
  11. We are really not focusing on the important matters here. Minesome, will we see a return of the Shaggy avatar??
  12. Thank you for all the nice posts! We're excited to finally be a part of Orbis proper. What good are all these lovely leaves if we have no friends to share them with?
  13. ... to join us for a tale most beautiful ... "Best Buds" by Mariana Kushowary VIII ... Bird Weed hereby declares its existence in the beautiful world of Orbis. Bird Weed is about birds and weed. We like cool and nice people. If you want to find out more, check us out here! With kindest wishes from our very own Dank Weed, we wish you a blazingly beautiful day. Signed, Everyone belonging to the flock of Bird Weed
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