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  1. A week after I made my thread the Immortals have been getting their planes shot out of the sky and my defense slots are as empty as ever. 

  2. The glorious goon space communism program producing results yet again
  3. Go to https://imgur.com/ Click on the button in the top left upload your images spill the tea Before you ask, I am immune to sarcasm and I crave drama. Also all I'm getting from this thread is that Loving Boy trolled some capitalists real hard and now they're all whiny.
  4. I already have a trophy all lined up for The Immortals when they come crawling for peace. Here you go, 5000 hours in MSPaint:
  5. who told him? who was it? who went and broke the goon hegemony?
  6. For the record all three of my slots are still open and I didn't hear of any GOONS getting challenged either. So. lmao what a self-own
  7. I literally don't know who any of you are, Jazz just told me "we're at war with the Immortals" and I was like "who're the Immortals" and we went *shrug* and then I was at war with the Immortals
  8. Goons waiting patiently for our opposition:
  9. I actually kinda like that one! Mods just kick this over to the appropriate forum. It's my bad.
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