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  1. The Swamp's theme is Shrek, what can I say? Also, have a fun time nuking me. I've temporarily redacted my pixelhugging membership. @Raoul Duke Please do, I don't think I can handle another one of these. @Zed Sure, UTC time lol. Also, great idea, thank you! @Ripper
  2. I have not received any hate mail whatsoever. This is a glaring scar on my record and must be remedied immediately. Again, I apologize in advance, and hate mail can be sent to @ReadingChicken#8828 via Discord. The Pirates of Arrgh's ships landed on the docks of coastal wetlands of the Swamp. It appeared relatively undefended as the only ship there was a patrol boat, which the pirates quickly unloaded half of their ammunition into. They scurried into the Swamp uninhibited by only the terrain. Reaching an & outpost, they quickly ravaged it, looting valuables and burning it to the
  3. I apologize in advance. Please send hate mail via Discord at @ReadingChicke#8828. Pirates are like mushrooms. They both recycle dead resources back into the living world. They both are necessary for a healthy economy. And they both are disgusting. Pirate infections were common in Orbis, usually infecting the more inactive, younger generations. Most people tolerated the occasional infection until it went away, or suffocated in it. Travelling in groups made infections less common, but those that did were usually much harder to fight off. So the status quo remained unchanged, unt
  4. There are three main reasons I can think of: 1. Your populace is consuming more than you produce. This can be checked by the revenue page (on the side bar under 'Nation' between projects and trade), and is probably the cause. Virtual pixel people eat too much >: ( 2. Radiation. Every nuke detonated in the world- and more so on your continent- increases radiation, which decreases food production. Right now, the highest levels of radiation are very low at 10% or less, so I don't think this is the main cause. 3. As you're a new member, you probably don't have a lot of land in y
  5. 1. It’s not from sci-fi. TF is a federal monarchy, hence its name. 2. A few months ago, Nokia was our ally (as a member) and Pantheon was an enemy (Sock War). 3. As far as I’m aware, we blitzed TCM because of this, but not because Pantheon asked us too. We have a treaty and we uphold it, no need to ask. 4. We obey Kosta. Ask him for more reasons why. 5. Ngl I just want to raid it to yeet some weebs who bought out the coal market
  6. Most of us agree the war has gone on for too long. Some us don’t. However, we can all agree on one thing: Radiation is too dang high! Therefore, I propose that for 1 month (or at least 2 weeks), during the month of November, we detonate 0 nukes. Missiles? Fine. The rest of the war? Fine. No nukes would decrease radiation, increase food production, and decrease food prices, making food cheaper. No nukes means less infra damage, so the war would be easier to recuperate from (except it’s been going on for literal in-game years). This would all be voluntary, of course, but unless we
  7. Every Catholic member of PnW: *I am been summoned* Every Islamic member of PnW: *I have been summoned* Me: *pulls out popcorn and watches the show* 1. 10 cities isn’t big. I have 10 cities and I don’t consider myself relevant. 2. There’s this thing called getting help. Almost every alliance has enemies; TKR is no different. Just hook up with them and I’m sure they’ll help. 3. This is the Internet, dominion of the Edgy Twelve-Year Old. Of course people will be telling you to oof yourself in the oof. You just ignore them or say ‘no u’. 4. A single nation cannot s
  8. Not for no reason, no. Now there would be a reason.
  9. I recently found out that food (or rather the lack of it) does not affect population or population growth. This is a problem, given that players can have no food but still have their population increase. Why does that matter? Well, for one, maximum military values are affected by population. Soldiers can be up to 15% of your population (for every hundred people you have, you can have fifteen soldiers). Different values go for different units. So, how would no food decrease population? Well, I think it should go something like ‘every turn you don’t have food, 1% or 5% (or any other percent
  10. 1. You are consuming the food you make (population requires food; you can check this in the revenues page [https://politicsandwar.com/nation/revenue/]) 2. Radiation is currently at 68% in North America and around 40%-30% around the rest of the world. Radiation decreases food production by a lot. For example, 68% radiation means that you only make 32% food- if you make 100 tons a day at 0% radiation, you'll only make 32% food. Radiation goes up with nuclear weapons used, and down with time. 3. It is winter in-game (check the date at the bottom left corner)- -20% food production. This
  11. Whompst the Shrek art thou?
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