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  1. I think one of the underlying issues is less about the amount of calls to the server and more likely the amount of redundant calls to the server. Things like trade, war and other notification bots access the server constantly and pull data. As a community we have more than enough resources to be able to address this concern for Alex in the meantime. In order to accomplish this we could simply implement the following: A proper caching layer Things like nation data and such. It changes but not extremely regularly A distributed push notification system with a single system calling the server -- This data is relatively static and would only need to be pulled once from the server on a simple timed schedule Trade Bots War Bots War Attack Bots If this is something the community would be interested in I could work on it in the near future.
  2. PDunny

    The classy lads of TKR and TCW

    Please stop embarrassing yourself. Sirius really needs to consider a change in leadership if this was unexpected or you consider this to not be classy. It's an all out war, get over it and stop crying about it on the OWF. Have some dignity for yourself and your alliance.
  3. PDunny

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    I don't disagree with the optics of it but the facts are simple.... I am not aware of any who went into Vacation Mode to avoid war There was some who went into VM near the start of the war that had valid reasons for it It shouldn't be any of your concern and if anything helps your coalition The last bullet point being the most important, and as I have said with every post directed to you ..... It's not any of your business so why are you so concerned about it? Go worry about your own people.
  4. PDunny

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    And you don't get to use uncertainty to benefit you and claim that that is their reason. And even if it was their reason, that is our problem to address not yours.
  5. PDunny

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Have you accounted for everyone in your alliance? And yes or no questions are difficult when you're asking if we know for sure that 150+ people didn't say something. There is no one that we are aware of currently that went into VM mode due to the war. Thanks for your concern for TKR but it's really not necessary.
  6. PDunny

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Wow, whine much? Have you accounted for every one of your alliance mates? Has the coalition accounted for every beige they've handed out and tremendously messing up their war effort? Either put up the logs of get out of here with that stuff.
  7. PDunny

    Mischief Night

  8. PDunny

    A World Police Announcement

    Extremely accurate.
  9. PDunny

    War Stats - Global War 12

    Are you tracking the damage that they are doing to each other? Does that count as Damage Done and Damage Received?
  10. PDunny

    A World Police Announcement

    So tomorrow is Pantheon going to declare on their Protectorates?
  11. PDunny

    69 Days Later

    Apparently stats are very important. The raw truth of the matter is that stats, at least the way they are currently tracked and used, will almost always favor the winners early on and then as the war progresses begin to even out and then potentially favor the losers. This is just the way the game's mechanics works and will almost always occur. There is less to take, less to destroy and less for them to lose. Once their more expensive units are destroyed and they can only afford to build out soldiers, have such low infrastructure that they barely lose any and have little to nothing left in their banks they end up in a position to where the victor can not realistically continue to "lead" in the statistics. I am not trying to pixel hug. I am actually doing the exact opposite. I am stating that basis solely on statistics is at best a horrible way to look at an overall war unless alliances are not actively trying to boost their statistics.
  12. PDunny

    69 Days Later

    My post was not meant in a sense to defend or boost TKR but more to prevent the degradation of the game and in specific alliance wars from being something that can be fun into something that is purely statistical based and as a result essentially just soldiers being thrown into brick walls in an attempt to reduce the overall "cost" of war while getting otherwise destroyed in nearly every aspect of the war. I am not referring to specific details within this war, just stating that if statistics are what determines war than I could create an alliance with absolutely no resources and just slam into people with nothing but soldiers and "win" the war while I get decimated.
  13. PDunny

    69 Days Later

    The idea that stats determines victors or are even really important in a war seems completely illogical to me. It would be rather easy to prepare to where there is virtually no way to be able to lose more than your opponent (which is what occurred towards the end of the war) while not really accomplishing much of anything and just boring your opponent until they finally give up because beating you down is no fun (Not saying that is what happened here). A true measure of who wins the war should be who ultimately surrenders and who is best prepared to continue fighting, this will usually be the ones that didn't surrender. To continue to use these metrics on the world forum as any sort of official measurement will just make the wars boring and purely statistical based and end up with a bunch of people constantly double buying soldiers. Do the stats matter? Maybe a little. But they are in no way, shape or form the story of the war. They don't show how the fighting went. They don't show really anything beyond raw numbers that really don't matter that much and it doesn't take into account how much was being replenished by each alliance. To encourage alliance wars to be statistically based is to encourage them to be boring. The PR of it might be wonderful for all of the forum fighters but at the end of the day the stats should be meaningless.

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