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  1. PDunny

    European States withdraw

    Well fought, good luck with your rebuild!
  2. PDunny

    The Axis Accord Withdraws

    Or it goes well and you just surrender before they can retaliate.
  3. PDunny

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    No the strategy is to be as incompetent as possible to give us some sort of advantage in order to make us get comfortable and then in a few months, after the dust has settled and people think the war is over, they are going to suddenly become competent and fight back. It's 36D chess while we are still playing checkers. It's extremely competent warring strategerie. You wouldn't get it.
  4. PDunny

    We are here for the Whales

    Who was this agreement made with and why wasn't it made publically if it's in the defense of all of the spheres as it's being claimed?
  5. PDunny

    Horse-Farkers Inc.

    I love seeing this! Great work guys!
  6. PDunny

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    I feel like as far as T$ was aware, it was over, basing it on the actions. As far as NPO and BK is concerned, it appears as though it doesn't. I will admit, them waiting for a bit and restraining themselves seemed to help with the line that they were no longer allied together. I can't blame NPO, BK has been their ally for a long time. I just hoped for a less toxic and more fun environment to play in. Ultimately though there is far more targets for me personally so I am happy with the result. Plus allegiances are out on the table and the honorable alliance have been noted. Thanks T$ for making the honorable choice.
  7. PDunny


    I'm not saying it wouldn't be a lot of fun and that there would be a lot of damage thrown around to everyone. It would severely weaken all of Orbis, create new bonds and new enemies. Isn't that the fun of the game though? If they want to do it safely, wait until the upper tier is nearly pushed down some by the KETOG side and then come in guns blazing with a pincer maneuver, NPO taking down the mid tiers of BK's side (BK is going to win that portion of the war) while T$ and what's left of TCW takes down the upper tier from the KETOGG side. While the lower tier attack might frustrate BK and company, the upper tier support would force BK's hand in considering them allies as well, forcing them to not solely focus on them. It also would put KETOG and Chaos in a bad state since KETOG would be getting rained down upon them by N$O while CHAOS is getting support from them, effectively causing a rift in the coalition. In the end, N$O would come out a bit weaker but stronger than the rest of Orbis. It would also cause massive tension in the main sphere that could impact them (TCW likely wouldn't be too happy with BK and vise versa) and cause tensions between the 2 smaller tiers that joined together to fight BK. Also, it wouldn't completely destroy N$O's credibility and play along the new cool lines of being dynamic or whatever.
  8. PDunny


    BK is not hostile currently, unless there is a secret treaty that is bound to change. Without multiple spheres coming together to take down either you or BK, you two are the only spheres at the top that could realistically fight each other. It's just a matter of time until it happens unless there is treaties in place. And even with treaties, it is likely to happen eventually as you push more and more people out of the game there will be virtually no one left to war other than each other. I will give you that, we were making them not a threat. By supporting them you are allowing them to continue to be a threat though. As I said, I am not discussing whether or not you should be involved in the war but whether or not it is in your best interest to support only one side of the war. The fact is, your best interest is to let us fight it out and then come through and destroy everything that remains. The fact that you are supporting a single side currently would be indicative of a secret treaty. Yeah, whale tier consolidation is a pain and I understand your sentiment regarding that. I do think that Knightfall has proven that whale tier can be overcome by mass amount of mid tier. BK has also strengthened their whale tier since KnightFall by signing TCW. This should make them more a threat than the 2 smaller spheres, who have clear animosity towards each other. Again, not saying that N$O shouldn't get involved, just stating that their best interests is for the fall of BK's sphere and the demolition of the coalition between Chaos & KETOG.
  9. PDunny


    I'm not disagreeing with that fact, nor am I stating that N$O should stay out of it. I am merely stating the fact that if they are not allied, why not take the opportunity to knock out 2 opponents instead of just focusing on one opponent?
  10. PDunny


    By 3 way I am referring to N$O v CHAOS/KETOG v BK Sphere. Not Chaos/KETOG v BK. I am asking why N$O considers a threat from Chaos/KETOG but no threats from BK. If they are not allied than that part of this does not make sense to me.
  11. PDunny


    Is BK Sphere not considered to be a threat to N$O? If you want to keep things interesting and suppress threats, why not have a 3 way all out war instead of denying the paperless and then completely ignoring the fact that BK is much more of a threat than KETOG/Chaos while claiming they are the threat to you. If T$ wanted to be opportunistic, they would have waited for GG to finish weakening TCW and then hit both sides hard after having been weakened. Instead, this appears to be an effort to support TCW/BK sphere's whale tier.
  12. PDunny

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    I am a professional QA and would be willing to assist for free. I reported to Alex yesterday (or maybe the day before) the potential for this issue to continue to exist based on what I know about the system. All systems have bugs, that is acceptable. There is no way around that. Addressing them or at least monitoring the abuse of them should be the admin's responsibility. It's not an easy thing to uncover and track defects, especially race conditions but this is just borderline gross negligence with the amount of people who has mentioned that they have reported similar issues to Alex in the past. Alex has a rather strong development community within the community that he could leverage. He should take advantage of that.
  13. PDunny

    Guilt by association?

    If the reasoning is that Blink was aware of the exploit, knew they were cheating and attempted to use it to profit themselves than Akuryo should be banned as well for attempting to embezzle and profit from it as well (by their own admission). If the reason is that Blink is his brother and that was a level of retribution towards Poo, that's a pile of horse manure. If the reason is that Blink and Poo transferred money without being verified, I think once a verification can be submitted, Blink should be unbanned.
  14. PDunny

    Guilt by association?

    I agree intent should be considered. I would like to think on others if they were to appeal a ban due to breaking that rule and they were able to prove that they were in fact not a multi that the ban would be lifted. If this is the reason for the ban and there is jurisprudence for this to be the case than establishing that blink and poo are not the same people should suffice to lift the ban. If the reason for the ban is that Blink assisted in cheating, than just stick with that story. I would think that had Blink truly been an accomplice to this that he would have taken a lot more than 300M and definitely not ask his brother if they had 300M that he could borrow. That just doesn't make sense to me as a reasonable person. I can understand the desire to be strict when it comes to cheating but I also believe that Blink has proven himself as a valuable member of the community, that he and Poo are different people and I think that the fact that he requested a 300M loan from NR is evidence that he likely was not aware of the situation.
  15. PDunny

    Guilt by association?

    Do you believe them to be the same person and they are just funneling money between themselves or is this just an excuse that you can make to make it feel better fro the community? It may have been a violation of the rules for that to occur but it is something that could easily be forgotten to do. I would like to imagine that in 99.999% of other scenarios it would be forgiven and the ban lifted if they were to prove themselves as non-multis.

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