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  1. I'm talking about the unlogged attacks at 3.16am (2x PV, 1x UF) all naval. I saw two PV I actually did the second as I noted the blockade hadn't lifted. The game only recorded me doing the third attack at 3.16am. I'm not looking to gain from this just trying to help you find the problem.
  2. Blink

    Slot Filling

    I'm sure Alex and our friends in NPO can see the total military power for each nation in those attacks Curu. That's not RNG.
  3. I know you're very busy and I understand its all luck on the third attack. however I'm pretty sure I actually lost units from the simulated attacks as you put it. Did the third attacks ship power equal 69 ships?
  4. @Alex This is exactly what I DM'd you about on discord... without reply. However I believe the game went down around the time of the attacks. I launched two successful (PV) naval attacks to break a blockade, both did not log on the war timeline https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=584045 even though they showed me the attack result screen. Nor were the MAPS deducted or Resistance of target reduced? I had 69 ships v 72 for reference, if you check this attack below I believe it will show as 62 v 72. 01/12/2020 03:19 am General Blink of Ruination ordered a naval attack upon the nation of Phoenixia and eliminated 0 Resistance. The attack was an utter failure. General Blink's forces lost 14 ships, while Chancellor WSxPhoenix's defenders lost 11 ships. The attack destroyed 0.00 infrastructure in the city of Alola. As I happened to lose a total of 7 ships during these two attacks which It didn't show me and I tried to launch a third attack and got a UF due to it. Due to not breaking my blockade I lost quite a substantial amount of resources to three lost wars which never should of been the case.
  5. Arrgh! Every nation should spend a little time in Arrgh to really appreciate all the game has to offer in terms of war mechanics and tactical battles.
  6. ES into tCW, and TUE to Polaris is the main/only? merges, also coincides with your data.
  7. When trying to send a mass message, from the alliance control panel, I'm receiving these two error messages.
  8. Blink

    peace talks

    Life or death is a slight exaggeration, this is a web browser game after all.
  9. Re opening the war page fixes this for me. It is frustrating though.
  10. There is a lot of this going on, it happened for myself which I've reported directed to Alex, he thanked me and is aware of the issue. As Sphinx mentioned earlier if you run 3 navals that should be your lot, honest people may stop but you will still have the extra unused maps which you will use later in the war. What happens then? (one of my members had 3 navals against them at 3am and another at 4am) Are you still exploiting the bug? Massive grey area and it needs to fixed ASAP.
  11. It's been an absolute pleasure guys, good luck with the rebuild.
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