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  1. Kon'nichiwa! Ore no nawa Tesoro (lol I know a bit of Japansese since I'm an anime bangout but I doubt that's right..)
  2. Dobby!!! I damn miss Harry Potter man
  3. @Shag Welcome to P&W! Hope you have a great time here! Great to see also that you've come from a similar kind of game, a lot of people have done the same with CN (have you heard of CN or 'CyberNations'?) About your last paragraph, there isn't a better way to learn about the game mechanics - and politics if you're interested - than joining an alliance in fact. Joining an alliance - the top 30 I'd advise - will enable you to have access to protection from raiders and others, grants for each city you build to help with nation building, and guides that will help you learn about the game. You can ask others in the alliance if you wanted to about game politics too. That's what I'd - and most people - would advise, but if you do what you want to do, that's fine; you're here to have fun after all!
  4. Why the heck are you talking about alu and steel? Seriously, please answer my question; I genuinely want to know what went through your head when you posted that.
  5. Tesoro

    War Stats

    The amount of 'reds'(i.e. minuses) you'd see on IQ & Friends' net damage & loot will make your eyes bleed lol @Lairah
  6. Nice sig (pretend there's a thumbs up emoji here)
  7. Haha, my nation's going good thanks! Alliance taking good care of me! OP mnaga is really good rn but the anime sucks - it's gone to such lows from timeskip Inever heard of last two unfortunately, but MHA and AoT season 3 coming out this year (MHA already started!) I love those two, so damn epic. Other anime I'm watching currently or have watched: Naruto, Naruto Next Gen Boruto), Dragon Ball Super, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hunter X Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kuroko no Basuke, Code Geass, and I think I forgot a few others lol
  8. @Condoriano Welcome to Orbis' OWF, first and foremost. Secondly, OP fan!! Great to see another One Piece lover around. You up to date with One Piece? Also, do you watch any other anime?
  9. I can see a brain cell on my laptop's webcam... Joking. @MoonShadow continue getting involved in Orbis politics and say what you believe. Never give up, no matter what critics hit you. NEVER GIVE UP! NARUTO'S NINJA WAY!!
  10. You mean how do you upvote @LostWorld's meme?
  11. @MoonShadow you're becoming famous!
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