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  1. Shavar

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    We will get there ... no need to rush that is how you end up spilling the beer. You never know what will happen when we all start hanging out .. might get interesting
  2. Shavar

    Merry Christmas from The Island

    lol have to give Mary Ann 2 thumbs up
  3. Shavar

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    Welcome glad to see this posted / I look forward to getting to know ya
  4. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    thank ya kind sir ..
  5. Shavar

    DoE of Slytherin

    welcome .. nice to see this posted
  6. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    thank ya .. and lets put this back to the top
  7. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    back to the top we go
  8. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    nudge ?? really .. it looks more like a gentle push but hey whatever you want to call it
  9. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    well u listened .. i like that .. now go ahead and bump if u like .. To much work for 1 person
  10. Shavar


    Well Hello to you both , Glad to see you are alive and kicking Tesoro , swing by our discord channel and visit ( hate we lost ya before we even started) lol
  11. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    its my job to bump this post not yours .. so back away
  12. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    bumpity bump . I roll like that
  13. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    hey I like it at the top of the list
  14. Shavar

    Hillbilly Coalition (tHC)

    lol dear lord let this thread die .. HELL YEAH !!!!

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