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  1. Condoriano

    Join Black Knights!

    BK is a great alliance to join if you are new to the game and want to learn how it works.
  2. Condoriano


    Yeah, the quality of the anime pales in comparision to the manga. Are you caught up to the manga? Oh boy, MHA season 3 will be absolutely phenomenal, judging by the source material and how well they are animating it. If you're anime only, stay unspoiled, it's gonna get crazy. AoT will also be (hopefully) a pretty good season as well. Can't wait for them! Naruto is actually on my to watch / read list after Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.
  3. Condoriano


    @Tesoro Thanks! I see you're relatively new to Orbis too. How's your nation going? Yeah, I'm caught up with the manga (ch. 901), and I follow the anime. Pretty excited to meet another OP fan as well! Other series: My hero academia, Attack on Titan, Promised Neverland, Jojo's (just started). What about you?

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