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  1. My man GreatKitteh, bumping our aliiance recruitment thread.
  2. We could revisit our little conflict where you bowed out when I started leaning on you. http://imgur.com/JoTlYHU I'll just leave this here....
  3. A quality post as always, Tenages you never disappoint. Congrats to all those honored, and hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.
  4. Winthorpe FTW! Thank you, and hope all of your members have a good holiday
  5. You'll just have to pardon me, all this sexually ambiguous talk got me all hot and bothered. But I'm cool now. That's not exactly how that went down. Stop trying to incite drama, TKP knows I'm all good with them
  6. Hans, you've been an institution not only within TC, but the game itself. Robster, you were always one of the people who told me the truth rather than what I wanted to hear. I always respected your opinion. Enjoy retirement, you've both earned it, and best of luck to the next regime. You couldn't help yourself could you? Had to take one last parting shot on the way out. I can see that some things never change, and you are classy as ever. I hope for the sake of your alliance that you stick to economics, and stay out of the political aspect of the game.
  7. I'll be honest Partisan, you had me at tool, talk of penetration and expansion was simply a bonus. Found TKP to be pretty stand up people in my dealings, best of luck to both parties.
  8. Looks like my work here is done. See you guys in six months....
  9. There is a certain amount of truth to both of these things. He did bug the hell out of me, and yes between him and Heinrich Kaufmann they kind of creeped my wife out. Hey thanks guys, I appreciate the well wishes.
  10. My kids are in school. They'll be alright. Glad you decided to return to the game, last I remember you had gone into retirement over some disagreement on the OWF. Yeah, I heard my former position might be up for grabs and wanted to throw my hat into the ring. But seriously what can I do about it, I wield absolutely zero power. I don't even know the circumstances. Thanks, sweetheart. It's kind of good to be back. My brother, the stories are true, I return. Hopefully peace will be had soon (rebuilding is a !@#$). Of one thing I am certain, good times will once again be had.
  11. Hello there. My name is Mortimer Duke. You may know me from Trading Places, or my cameo on Coming to America. I may have even played this game before. Some of you may have had the displeasure of having to deal with me. I left this game because I wasn't enjoying myself, and I felt like I was being a shitty dad to my kids,since I was devoting so much time to this game. But the truth is I miss a lot of you guys, and my kids are not really all that fond of me anyway. I look forward to reconnecting with you guys
  12. Tenages, great job getting the date right. o/ sk o/ guardian
  13. You are your own man, Shelly. o/ Guardian
  14. This morning I wake up. The air smelled sweeter... The sun felt warm along my face... It was as if my problems just melted away.
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