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  1. Guardian has held this world at ransom. Death to the flying lions!
  2. Delete your nation, that usually helps.
  3. This is a union between 2 nations that respect each other. We only want to see ourselves do good. That is all.
  4. Treaty of Dicklandia Article I: Preamble The Endless Republic of Markarth, and the Nation of Europa do hereby, in mutual respect for one another, recognize this agreement as official and agree to all terms and conditions herein. Article II: Protection Markarth agrees to offer immediate assistance, military and economic, necessary to ensure Europa’s protection and well being and vice versa. Markarth may, at its discretion, offer assistance to Europa for any offense wars they may partake in and vice versa. Neither signatory will declare war on the other signatory. This also includes actions that can be seen as a violation of peace such as aiding an enemy with economic support, military support, critical information, or spying. Article III: Communication Debate and discussion between signatories will be conducted regularly. The signatory alliances agree to share intelligence critical to either nation’s safety. Article IV: Economic Development Europa agrees to provide economic assistance to Markarth and vice versa. Both signatories agree to provide fair trade deals to one another. The signatories agree to abide by all financial terms set by each other. Article V: Cancellection Either party may cancel this treaty with 72 hours notice to the other party. During the 72 hour period, the treaty remains completely in effect. Article VI: Review Both Markarth and Europa agree that after a period of 30 days from the signing of this treaty, they will review the status of the treaty in order to determine the continuation or discontinuation of this agreement. If a mutual agreement cannot be determined in a timely manner, the treaty will automatically extend for another 30 days and be reviewed again. /s/ Signed for the The Endless Republic of Markarth Risen Son, Kastor Signed for Europa Prime Minister - Isolatar
  5. Its not. I'm still losing income for btoh even though I dont have them. It also shows up -4000 for some reason.
  6. No, not you Britishdude. You cant leave.
  7. 12:01 <•Skynet> Enough about it. 12:01 <•Skynet> Sheepy knows. Sheepy will fix. 12:01 <•Skynet> I'm speaking to him right now about it. 12:01 <•Skynet> If you've reported it, then used the money. That's still absuing an exploit. 12:01 <•Skynet> And you will be dealt with.
  8. I so no reason why not to have it, its nothing bad or game-changing. So what? Good role-play thing.
  9. Yeah I left to roll people but something else happened.
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