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  1. Goldie

    A Grumpy Annnouncement

    I don't know who we are fighting or why, or what our declaration is about, but I do know this will cost me money which makes me angry.
  2. Goldie

    Recognition of War Sparta

    I'm not going to, so I'll just have to be confused as to what you are referring.
  3. Goldie

    Recognition of War Sparta

    What time do nations have? All it takes is one minute and a nation is crippled, with no hope of victory without outside intervention. So again, this game does not allow for the "fair fights" you are referring to. Whoever blitzes, wins.
  4. Goldie

    Recognition of War Sparta

    I mean let's be real, there's only so much even a prepared nation can do. In this game if you can run any kind of coordinated blitz, then you've won the war. You guys ran a coordinated blitz, and won the war. The game does not allow for these "fair fights" you're referring to.
  5. Goldie

    Recognition of War Sparta

    Ask your spies what pain and torture feel like
  6. This is a nice change to make infra more important, but it doesnt not accomplish your stated goal. Your goal is to deflate prices, but you do little to address that. Can't just slightly reduce supply, the real issue is that there is no DEMAND for these resources. This change just means that there are slightly less things that people don't want to buy. If you want to achieve your goal, then make planes 5x aluminum per. Make nuclear plants use 5x the uranium. Make soldiers use 5x the food. Make tanks, planes, and ships cost gas/munitions to upkeep. Increase the demand, increase the price.
  7. Goldie

    State of The Viridian Entente

    There's a lot of people I like in this thread saying a lot of things that I don't. I hope you guys figure this out.
  8. Goldie

    Pantheon DoW

    Well, this is what fist told me when you guys dropped us for some reason: "You are correct, VE has been nothing but great to us, and this came at a point where I'd say our relations where at an all-time high =/. I really don't think their intent is to wantonly pile on VE, and it's certainly something I'd never support regardless of how things happen between us. ATM, with Pantheon being a defensive alliance having non chaining MnDoAPs on both sides(And both sides being politically competent), we can not defend anyone without backstabing someone, and that is something I would never do." Pretty lame guys, pretty lame. VE was nothing but friends to you guys from your earliest days. I personally arranged for loans to get you guys going and helped protect you from Raiders. This is really how you repay us?
  9. Goldie

    The Last Alpha Announcement

    Good luck fellas!
  10. Goldie

    A RoseLeaks exclusive: Rose prepares for war

    At least try to spell even mildly correct when impersonating me
  11. Goldie

    Viridian Entente DoW

    Let's do this
  12. Happy Holidays! The Viridian Entente would like to wish everyone a happy holiday. Hopefully you're fortunate enough to be able to spend the upcoming days with those close to you, and regardless of your nationality or religious beliefs, I hope everyone is able to have a fun and enjoyable weekend. I'm personally looking forward to doing a few day trips next week, so I will be a bit harder to reach, but swing by our forums and shoot me a PM if you need to get ahold of me, or just want to chat with some Viridians. Hopefully everyone has some time off that they can enjoy, and we can all roll into the new year refreshed! Happy Holidays Goldie
  13. While the rest of the world celebrates its "holiday" season, we here at VE have our own special day that we celebrate. On December 8th, 2014, a few Viridians decided that as we entered this new world, we wanted to do it under the banner of the Viridian Entente, and to not allow the community that makes us so great to disperse among the various alliances of Orbis. Many other Viridians made their way home, and many more migrated over from other worlds, to make the alliance what it is today. We have found adversity on this road, but much success as well, and we are proud to stand here upholding what it means to be a Viridian. To many more years of Orbis, and of Viridia. Goldie Lord of the Entente
  14. The Dontrel Rising Pact, Version 3 I. Improved Platformer The signatories can't attack each other. If one of them does, they should just move, cancel the death animation, and talk it over. II. Better Graphics The signatories will tell each other everything they know, because they can't really tell what exactly is happening otherwise. III. Gameplay The signatories will defend and support each other to ensure nobody takes their kores. Unless they do something stupid, like go out and deliberately grab a black kore, at which point either can help but doesn't have to. IV. Protectorates The signatories will defend attacks against each other's homey protectorates just like they would if one of the signatories got jacked themselves. V. Why are you scratching so much... at your arms? If it gets too hot in here, we'll just stop playing. But it takes 96 hours. Signed for The North American Confederacy, Acting Chairman of Board: George Clooney CEO: Curtis Lowe Board of Directors: Shavar, ODriscoll, Kamon, jeff744, Dorsaiwolf Signed for the Viridian Entente, Goldie, Lord of the Entente Moonpie, Duke of the Entente Smooth, Secretary of State Sweeeeet Ronny D, Secretary of Defense Presidential, Secretary of the Interior Olorin (Yoda), Secretary of Economics Samwise, Minister of Membership Compliance

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