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  1. My old raider soul is getting back to me, and it feels good
  2. Imagine blasting cannon balls into floating garbage patches to clean them up, won’t it just create more metal garbage?
  3. no they said they are remilitarizing to fight more, so more pixels can be burned make wc to get stonks instead
  4. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=9934 alliance link if y'all wanna help him grow his aa and join
  5. is great to have infra burns around orbis once and a while, if u somehow managed to make them to agree for peace, another war's coming to town.
  6. This is epic, the hand signs mixed in well, and the words timing too. Legendary (I don't know the langauge but the laughters is too good to be true)
  7. could have been better if the war is longer but yeah it was fun
  8. 1255508328_Screenshot2022-04-23at4_03_47PM.thumb.png.fc525e13c53897f701b7ba228f9233e4.png2053777855_Screenshot2022-04-24at9_55_00PM.thumb.png.01621060967273bd27e851135147c3fc.png957874859_Screenshot2022-04-25at8_21_54AM.thumb.png.442a64b04aff7c4ca9940e73b9f53a11.png
    I must openly flex my luck

    1. Jacob Knox

      Jacob Knox

      That is chef's kiss

    2. Mutsu


      Legit scammed. 

      Cope, seethe and mald Cam

  9. @MutsuBring in the trucks we got a big stonk
  10. Camelot decided having a tax farm and hitting UU members and friends was a great choice But no, their wrong so we decided why don't do some crazy things with friends and allies. Mutsu help me prepare my kebab before I break the walls, I am hungry cus my vital already blocked two nukes from them This is what will happen if u keep on thinking u can deflect this and hide in castles v No more camelots! no more tax farms! time to destroy the britons and cede their land back to romans and the far west liberals We the great Ummah have pushed across the entirety of Europe with the help to the romans and many more straight to britons! Send in the cavalry lads! We will ram their heads upon their own walls! And go home with tons of loot and treasure! Also no oil and gas for u camelot knights , power ur useless tanks with water and corpses instead, u can make it a cyborg(metal+meat and use water to fuse) shield! omg big leak come look!!!!!111 Mean while in UU Command Bunka in da camp, Features me(ofc it's me), Adam the guy who overlooks literally Everything, and mutsu(big weeb of UU) (If u don't know them then u suck- actually no, lots of idiots don't know them) You don't want to see adam now(actually never). heres mufti, chad of UU Ik this is kinda haram but funni if u still wanna fight make sure give our words to your pilots, we will invite them for a swim back home. Look outside! we are here already. While ur (not)king Arthur the Never(he will never be king in PnW realms) was playing with his pet gold ore (basically pet rock but rich man version), we have camped outside. Hereby, we declares a great holy war (theres no need for a recognition of hostility cus the existence of u already is) with Camelot and friends We shall take your gold and land(land for the roman, gold for us) and liberate the britons! Don't try to run away from the castle! Unless u want to be our dinner!
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