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  1. Blood for the Blood God! Happy warring, TKR and friends 🤜 🩸 🤛
  2. Something like this sounds interesting.
  3. I'd think somewhere in the range of 75M-100M at least. This assuming that the answer is that it either gets capped in some way or removed entirely.
  4. A cap of $1M/day makes it just not worth doing. If its going to get capped it should definitely be higher than $1M. Perhaps a monthly cap that makes it still appealing to those with the time but not feeling mandatory to those without the inclination?
  5. If Rose has million number of allies I am one of them. If Rose has ten allies I am one of them. If Rose has no allies, that means I am no more on the earth. If world is against Rose, I am against the world. I love Rose till my last breath.
  6. I am entirely sure you wouldn't know well-adjusted if it slammed you in the face.
  7. Most well-adjusted folk don't feel the need to parade around the fact they're entirely insufferable this blatantly but I guess you're just special. 😆 Hate to see an alliance disband. Good luck to all involved with wherever they end up.
  8. @katashimon13 your time to shine.
  9. Congrats on retirement and congrats to Vemek on the promotion!
  10. Tokyo, Japan 8/23/2020, 7:00PM JST In a release from the Japanese Ministry of Defense, Japan has announced a nation-wide purge of the color purple. All items of clothing, technology, or otherwise are prohibited within Japanese borders. The Ministry claims this is due to an increasing amount of gang-related violence stemming from individuals wearing the color purple. Further investigations have also revealed that the color purple is potentially involved in an elaborate tax evasion scheme in the Bahamas, although the truth of this is still under review. Effective immediately, all ties with nations whose flags include the color purple to any extent have been severed and any imports from those nations must be facilitated by a non-heretical nation whose flag does not contain the color purple. Popular Dutch rapper "Hopsan" has this to say on the subject: "We ain't need no purple fools in our turf, glad these fools ain't allowed anymore!" The Ministry of Defense also cites studies suggesting that the color purple was somehow related to mustard, which the government banned early last year to national applause. Individuals found to be in violation of the law regarding the color purple will be sentenced to no more than 15 years in Hopsan's Taylor Swift torture room, being subject to listening to notorious torture supplier Taylor Swift's music. Emperor Itachi came out in full support of these measures and says more should be done to combat the oppression of the color purple.
  11. This is awful and must be stopped! Truly deplorable behaviour! Here are my hopes and prayers. #JusticeForFairyTail
  12. I don't know what you're on about. But your picture is ugly and I don't want to look at it anymore. Stop talking to me, creep.
  13. You only get banned if you break the rules, eh. Who would have known?
  14. Party that the biggest traitors in the game are gone! Now we don't have to feel like we're sitting in a psych ward. ???
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