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  1. There is a remaining 50% too which is war arrgh type guys
  2. Why do you guys even care what others think about you
  3. Remember a little while ago a three day applicant raided the federation offshore and took around 5 billion
  4. You guys could try changing war and spy range to make the new system a little like old system
  5. We all knew that he wouldn’t do anything about it as always (it’s starting to go annoying now )
  6. Come on man How can you say Alex is not the devil?
  7. Is the app on AppStore (I’ve searched many times never saw it)
  8. Last time I opened trade had to do it 5 times
  9. Every single option is not saved only the result is saved
  10. Not a single serious reply.Not bad
  11. Make a new sport or choose a existing sport for the game BASEBALL NEEDS TO GO
  12. Roger

    Discord Ban

    Ok thanks.I won’t do it again
  13. Roger

    Discord Ban

    @Dr Rush
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