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  1. Kaiser Heide

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Other war stats are good and all, but these war stats the best of all time. -Kanye West
  2. Kaiser Heide

    Name this war - Community Poll pt 2

    Honorable mention TKR’s first time. 1st place: Knightfall!!!
  3. Kaiser Heide

    CSI: UPN

    Ayy1 Propaganda if I sayyy so myself.
  4. Kaiser Heide

    Destiny Arrives

    Wait...did I already BK STRONK here?!? oh well one more for good measure... BK #1
  5. Kaiser Heide

    Destiny Arrives

    BK STRONK!!!
  6. Kaiser Heide

    Going To War

    But y doe?
  7. Kaiser Heide

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Go "Murica!!!
  8. Kaiser Heide

    Tip Button for Baseball

    hmm. I guess when I'm seeing the stats and I see the same dude pulled in thousands less than me after the same amount of games and button clicks, I feel bad cuz all both of us did was click a one button and I feel I came out ahead..but I guess its quick money vs. slow money tho...makes sense.
  9. Kaiser Heide

    Tip Button for Baseball

    Okay, so you've been hosting games and racking up money losing to that guy over and over but surprisingly you see...losing isn't all that bad, I'm making more losing. Then you remember the guy beating you constantly is getting a fraction of what you're getting since he's playing away...so after 30 minutes of playing and racking up, you tip the guy playing with you, as a thanks. I say make a tip box and button for that in the game results or under the opposing players nation OBL league tab, like an investment or another tip button in there.
  10. Kaiser Heide

    Join Black Knights!

    Join the Black Knights if you want to live BK Stronk!

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